CV in English - a good chance to prepare for an interview

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To get a position in a foreign company, you need to create a resume.Virtually every adult in their lives in search of work faced with the task.A well crafted resume significantly increases the chances of a successful outcome of the interview.While the poor significantly reduces these chances.Therefore it is necessary to pay special attention to the compilation of this document.

Resume and CV

Sample CV in English are very common on the web.But on the Internet, you may encounter such terms as CV.It's the same thing as a simple summary, a CV (Curriculum vitae) is considered to be more prevalent in the United States in the fields of science, education and the arts.Also in the CV it is necessary to specify more details about his biography, describe in detail the achievements and awards.

made by samoharakteristika best to take the example of a summary in English, but you can not alone, read all of them in order to understand what must be specified in the CV.All information must be placed on one page.Such requirements are set for the convenience and safety of all of the information, since the second sheet may be lost.But if you still can not all fit on one page, all pages of the document must specify their data.

Content resume

There is no difficulty to create a resume in English, which is like an employer.There are several points that must be included in the CV.Disclosure of these items significantly increases the chances of getting the post.At the same time it should be as concise, to the potential employer has not bothered to read.

Personal data - item that contain any CV in English.In this unit, it is necessary to write their personal data - name, date of birth, home address, phone number and e-mail.There are cases where you can indicate your marital status.

Objective - at this point it is necessary to write the position (Position), which are applying for.But it's best not to just write its name and and argue why you should take.

points in Education and Work experience is necessary to provide information about education and the last couple of jobs.All data must be specified in chronological order, starting with the last.Interest - the point at which it is necessary to specify their interests, hobbies, interests and skills.Finally, you must write your name few people who can give advice and write performance.

All the secret becomes clear

reread many CV in English, in the cellar by analogy to make your own CV.But do not forget that all information must be true, because at some point the way to employment in the company will have to confirm what is written in the summary.

This is a problem faced by a lot of applicants for the position, because in trying to achieve the desired result, they embellish his CV, to entering false information.Therefore, the resume must adhere to the principle of reliability of the information.

rules resume writing

Write a summary in English is much easier if you follow certain rules.In addition, it will greatly enhance the quality of the document.Firstly, it is necessary to write everything clearly and without using long sentences.Secondly, it should be stated in accordance with the rules of the English language.And third, it is not necessary to conduct experiments over the appearance of the document, that is, you should not change fonts, and so on.


So, an example of a summary in English, written in accordance with all the requirements, criteria and wishes, looks like this:

Personal Data:

Ivan Ivanov

Taras Shevchenko Street, 18,Brovary, Kiev region, Ukraine

+38 (050) 000 00 00

[email protected]

Date of Birth : 17.12.1988


To obtain sale manager position that will giveme a chance to use my skills.


Kiev State University, faculty - management

Work experience:

10.12.2010 - till now


Position - Sales manager


MS Excel,MS Word, MS PowerPoint

Ukrainian - native

Russian, English German - reading, writing & amp;speaking ability


Football, movies, music


Available upon the request

thus receives a concise CV in English, which is composed correctly.

To increase the chances of getting a job CV You can add multiple photos, record video of themselves, and should create a cover letter (Cover letter).The first photo should be such as a passport, and the rest - are arbitrary.The photos need to smile.

You can also ask for advice from people who have already passed the interview and were summaries, for what should be a CV in English, and how not to be CV.There are also lists of words that are recommended for use when writing a CV.There is also a list of the expressions, the use of which the summary is unacceptable.