Baba Lera and ATM

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It was not just recently, but if every now customary electronic pribludy and services just appeared.Guide a Moscow hospital agreed (or strongly advised to) salaries of employees to transfer to a bank card.What?Conveniently, no queues at the cash register and attempt to consider other people's statements.

They put the ATM in advance at the main entrance and give employees the right to issue bank cards.

first who asked that a miracle is an overseas TV stands were local cleaners.Without going into details, more knowledgeable colleagues explained to them that this miracle will now issue their salaries.

Around this time one of the leaders of the right bank once required a certain amount of cash, and the fate of it was abandoned in the vicinity of the already mentioned hospital.Since the bank is not very high as it is now and ATMs in such terrible numbers was not found, he decided to call the hospital, denyuzhku removed to save on interest and see how it nukers all connected and configured.

Baba Lera was being narrow-minded and did not think long but extremely determined and fearless.Permanent lifting weights in a bucket with water to make it a strong hand, and possession of a mop was akin skills Shaolin monks in the sixth treatment.The salary she waited for three days, as well as the anticipation scratched hands in the corridor at the ATM floor bathed several times a day and very carefully, tile was ottert gloss.She already knew what the salary will be from the ATM, but the subtleties of communication with the use of an ATM card and have not been trained.

Next, according to bankers ...

I went to the hospital immediately see the ATM, it feels good, everything works and clean around, go up, thrust the card, insert the pin, took a certain amount, but you need more, again insert a pin,and then everything happened so quickly, remember that only the back side metnuvshy vague shadow approached rapidly monitor the issuance of the requested sum, and the spark in the eyes of both the salute.

were next only memories in the hospital, it was only the good of the floor above.

the part to watch is certainly interesting: a well-dressed young man from under the stairs silent night witch darted baba Lera first she deftly slammed the mop on his feet that same banker just below the knees, and when he accordance with the laws of physics and the rules of martial arts began to trymore closely acquainted with his face to the monitor ATM, contrived to add to it the same mop and between the shoulder blades, saying thus further accelerating astonished body.

According to the women Lera ...

entot Khmyrov overdressed once seemed suspicious to me, I domyvala under the stairs, and saw it all ...

Well, I think, cattle, people still do not receive a salary, and to hell I'll give you steal our moneyin broad daylight ...

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