How to stop hair loss in women folk remedies?

beautiful and thick hair - it can boast not every woman.After all, each of us, despite the seemingly good care, you still lose some part of hair.Of course, a few hairs dropped - this phenomenon is quite normal, because our bodies tend to be updated.But what if they actively began to crumble for no apparent reason?How to stop hair loss in women emerged with age?Before turning to this problem, you must first find out what was the cause of it.

Causes of baldness

main reason for hair loss are genetic changes that affect hormones.Also, the stumbling block may be malfunction of the thyroid gland, the reaction to Medications (the use of steroids, chemotherapy), severe disease, autoimmune disease, pregnancy and postrodovoy period, poor diet and constant stress.

Another reason may serve too frequent hair treatment with various chemical agents: paints, varnishes, perm or hot curling irons.Also harmful wearing tight cauda equina is mounted to the strands of something heavy.Root bulbs can not withstand the load, and the hair starts to fall out in handfuls.In this case it is sufficient to revise their habits, to stop this process.

In women this problem can also be caused by natural changes in hormonal levels with age.Unfortunately, no one is getting any younger.And over time in women decreased levels of estrogen and increased testosterone, which leads to a weakening of hair loss.

How to stop hair loss in women during menopause?

If there is a suspicion that baldness is directly related to health, it is necessary to go to the doctor to diagnose and determine the most appropriate treatment.You should also consult an endocrinologist and pass the necessary tests.Only in this case, the doctor will be able to choose the right products to bring back to normal hormonal balance and thus stop hair loss in women.

Pregnancy and childbirth, or a blow to the health of the hair

It's no secret that the most wonderful period in the life of every woman, pregnancy is also a time of tremendous shortage of vitamins in the body.Indeed, in this case, the body is particularly weak and easily subject to not only the various viral infections, and acne and hair loss.What should I do in this situation?How to stop hair loss in women after childbirth?

First of all, you need to pass tests to determine exactly what substances in the body is missing.To increase hair growth are needed vitamins A, B, C and D, as well as zinc, iron, and amino acids.All this can be obtained from food.You also need to eat foods rich in protein and animal fats.

How to strengthen your hair falling out?

has long been known that prevention is much better than cure.How to stop hair loss in women, the causes of which are not in the disease?It is necessary to follow a few basic recommendations:

1. If the hair is lost luster and elasticity, it is necessary to do a daily scalp massage using hands or a wooden comb.

2. douche very useful not only for the body but for the mind.It also stimulates blood circulation.

3. If the hair itself is too heavy, it will be an effective solution to make a short cut to reduce load on the bulb.

4. At least once a week is necessary to impose on the mask strands.

5. It is necessary to follow the right diet.It must be balanced: cottage cheese, fish, vegetables and herbs.

6. You can add a few drops of shampoo essential oils that soften the scalp.

7. And, of course, the hair should love for them should be carefully looked after.

How to stop hair loss in women at home (reviews and recommendations)

Even our grandmother in a distant youth, knew that the best remedy for hair growth and strengthen them are all sorts of concoctions made from natural ingredients.To prepare the herbal rinse often use chamomile, horsetail, nettle, lovage, burdock root, calendula flowers.

To prepare a decoction of healing, you need to mix chamomile, nettle and Horsetail in equal proportions.Three tablespoons of collecting pour liter of boiling water and leave to infuse for two hours.After the usual shampooing the hair should be rinsed in this infusion.It is also a great effect will burdock root, brewed with the leaves of birch.

There is another remarkable popular herbal remedy, to answer questions about how to stop hair loss in women at home.We need to take chopped onion peel and oak bark and mix in equal parts.A glass of this mixture is poured boiling water and boil a liter on the fire for about an hour.Balance water decanted, and the resulting slurry is rubbed into the head to strengthen the hair.

Happiness onion

has long been noted that a variety of masks and means prepared on the basis of onions, a beneficial effect on the growth and density of hair.How to stop hair loss in women with a bow?Here are some simple recipes in its execution.

1. An effective means is the following: it is necessary to mix the broth roots of burdock, onion juice, brandy in the proportion 6: 4: 1 and rub the head.

2. The remarkable results give a slurry obtained by grinding in a blender onions and garlic.We can also add olive oil or burdock to avoid burns.Mask to survive a couple of hours, then rinse.This procedure should be performed twice a week for 5 months.

3. To make the hair density and strength can be added to the onion-garlic mixture of aloe juice, egg yolks and honey.

Herbs in the treatment of baldness

we reflect on the question of how to stop hair loss in women folk remedies, it is possible to consider various treatments herbs.Thus, for example, to the aid of burdock and nard.It is necessary to take a half cup of chopped dry leaves and dry elecampane root of burdock, pour a mixture of 0.5 liters of vodka, insist 10 days.Moistened swab to wipe the scalp.This recipe is not only helps protect your hair from falling out, but also stimulates their growth in the areas of the head with bald spots.The infusion should be used every day for the night.The course of treatment should last for 6 months to one year.

Some resort to unconventional methods - drinking an infusion of pine needles, prepared by the following recipe: 1 cup of pine needles pour 2 liters of boiling water and boil for about fifteen minutes.After that, the broth infused overnight.Then you need to add honey and drink half a glass of not less than six times a day.Should be treated from 4 months or longer according to the scheme: 15 days to drink the infusion, 15 days rest.

also considered very effective decoction of burdock and calendula.How to stop hair loss in women using these plants?We need to take 5 grams of dried burdock root, add a cup of water and simmer for 15-20 minutes.Then you need to add 4 grams of marigold flowers, even to simmer a few minutes, leave to infuse until broth will not be warm.It must be rubbed into the clean hair 3 times a week.Broth After rubbing not rinse!In a month you will notice improvement.

Red pepper in the struggle for beautiful ringlets

baldness also help tarragon and red pepper, but be patient, since it takes a long time before you will see the first improvements.How to stop hair loss in women at home with the help of peppermint tincture?Wormwood (can be used as dry or fresh) necessary to grind the pulp.Then the bald spots smeared tincture of red peppers (you can buy in a drugstore).Gruel of wormwood to impose from the top and hold it for about 20 minutes.It must be burning.

use mustard for making masks

Among folk remedies for treatment of alopecia it occupies a special place mustard, which not only stimulate hair growth, but also makes them more healthy and shiny.Mustard enhances the blood circulation.Recovers metabolism with hair bulbils.Particularly useful mask with mustard will be for owners of oily skin.However, such procedures to be performed once a week, as mustard is very dry skin.When applying strand means better not to lubricate.

So, how to stop hair loss in women using the mustard?We need to pour into a small ceramic container 3 tbsp.l.oil (preferably olive or burdock), pour 2.5 st.l.dry mustard.Hammer egg yolk, add 1 tbsp.l.honey and 2 tbsp.l.of boiling water and mix thoroughly.The resulting composition to cover the scalp, roll up a towel and rinse thoroughly with water after 20-35 minutes.A month later the hair will become stronger and more dense.