Jewellery Murano (photo).

Today, the topic of our conversation will be Murano glass.What it is known to many people - an elite material from which made decoration, chandeliers, household items and souvenirs.How produce the glass itself, so why is it called and when I first started using it?Let's see!

little history

Exquisite Murano glass!What is it - we will tell later.They began to produce it in about the twelfth century steklovary island of Murano, near Venice.Material recognized elite in the seventies of the twentieth century, from the beginning of its appearance was special.Glass is truly unique, as the technique involves the use of blowing and painstaking handwork masters.Trade secrets were kept a closely guarded secret, passed down from father to son.Masters, who knew how to produce the Murano glass, lived and worked on the island.There was even a special supervision, which implies that they are not told the secret to a stranger and even more so not to have left the country.

In itself the Republic of Venice glass and some knowledge of the craft came from the East.Realizing how beneficial could be glassmaking, the government organized the company on the island, to the mystery remained a mystery, as well as to protect the city from possible fires.Therefore, Murano glass has a different name - Venetian.

Features unique material

Murano glass, a photo of which can be found in our article, very beautiful.For a long time the Venetian Republic held a monopoly on its production.The secret police brutally persecuted master fugitives, and the secrets of the ingredients have been known to separate families.Over time, the material is changed, improved, but the tradition of production remained unchanged: the articles are still made by hand, without the conveyor assembly, injection molding machines, and economical technologies.But each thing carries the soul of the great master.

little about technique

now the reader knows what the Murano glass, what it is.Next, sort out the terminology and technology of production.

Technique Vetro (Vetrofusione) allows to obtain a laminated glass with a beautiful play of color and overflowing from one to another.This usually thin layers of transparent or colored glass mass, the highest standard foil (gold or silver), or lattichino zanfiriko twigs, flowers, murriny.The final layer is a colorless material, clean and shiny.All components are fused at a temperature of 800-850 ° C, so that the product acquires a fancy pattern, volume, with a unique order and intriguing light.Murano glass, which you can see the photos on this page, a long cool down and then go to the store.

Slightly terminology

Murrina - is not just a Murano glass.What it is?This mosaic article which in cross section has a flower ornament, stars, circles or ovals of different colors.Please make a multilayer rod, which creates a pattern section.And then it is cut into plates and introduced into a glass mass.Frozen mass represents the colorful masterpieces that striking beauty and color palette.The technique is also called millefori, meaning "thousand flowers".Such products of Murano glass is often used for making jewelery and decorations.

Filigree.Murano glass jewelry from which even today are the stars of world scale, is very diverse.Filigree - a kind of glass that represents the frozen transparent mass inside which multicolored yarns interwoven mesh correctly or in a chaotic manner.

Lattichchino.The name of this variety of products means "small shore milk."Such glass from Murano is made up of opaque white sticks or any other color, twisted together in a spiral.Externally, the product, which may be monochrome or polychrome, reminiscent of candy-candy.

Zanfirico.This technique polufiligrannoy work is very time-consuming and complex.It provides for the final stage of coating glass product vityu dense glass.

A lume (luma).This technique allows for Murano glass items of various shapes - fruits, flowers, stars, people, animals.Typically, the products are not hollow and have small size are produced from solid material.In this technique of blowing and amazing beads.

decorating technique

Murano glass jewelry that they will not leave anyone indifferent, striking decor and luxurious appearance.It is perfectly combined with elements of stone, metal and wood, so is widely used in interior design, jewelry manufacturing.

often decorated with Venetian glass ways:

  • Krakelazh - heating up the product, and then abruptly cooled and reheated.Because of this weight appear in the glass and are located in a chaotic manner air bubbles.
  • Cristallo - Venice glass, which is characterized by crystal-clear and natural play of light.
  • Goldstone from the island of Murano has a brown and yellow colors, and on the surface distinguishable different point inclusions of copper.They create original lighting effect, what this décor is highly regarded.

Murano glass: jewelry

widely used glass from Murano in jewelery.Jewelry made with the soul in the hot Italian sun, a lot of fans around the world.Today, this material is beads, pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, sets, inserts them decorate it watches, hair clips and combs hair.Latest fashion trends - to weave bracelets Pandora style beads from Murano glass.

Jewellery made of glass, manufactured by old rules and traditions, very bright, beautiful and original.No fashionista can not stand in front of them, no woman would refuse such a gift.Of course, some people will say that the cost of a conventional glass jewelry is too high.But here we have to argue, Murano glass, with its multi-layered patches of precious metals and a fantastic play of light can not be called ordinary.This is a true masterpiece, worthy of the Queen!

How not to buy a fake?

real Venetian glass, which is highly regarded throughout the world, only on the island of Murano.Products issued by local craftsmen, have the stigma of Murano Glass, is not erased and are not torn off.Factory Formio, which is one of the few manufactures products from famous material in 1959, provides a quality certificate for each unit of product.

peculiarity of glass products from Italy is that they do not lose their color under the influence of the sun on their surface no flawless or roughness.If it's lamps and chandeliers, they have secure attachment.

To spend money for nothing counterfeit, is good to choose a shop that sells original products from the island of Murano.You can also go to Italy and buy yourself out there, Venetian glass - so you will not get to the bait.Instead of an epilogue

not be this famous glass in the world, we would have lost a lot.Of course, not do without it we might - ordinary glass has not been canceled.But as for his high artistic and aesthetic value, there is, as they say, no competition.