"Maynkraft": how to add a friend to the chest

Today we decided to talk about how to add a friend to the chest, as well as how to remove it from there.Members in this matter is not strong, but we are confident that this article will help you in this task.


To add a friend in the trunk, or vice versa, to delete it from there, first of all you should know that without your own region, you will not be able to perform such actions.In fact, to create it is not so difficult.Then you will be able to develop its construction and do absolutely any thing, and the other players you will not interfere.So, let us assume that you already have your own area and you want to learn how to add another in the chest.Previously you need to add a friend in private.Currently, there are only two ways by which you can do this.The first method involves adding in private with all the rights.If you decide to choose this option, then you definitely should be aware that the selected player will be able to engage in your area completely any business, including you can get from him damage.

total furniture

Under the second method, you add users in private only with the general use of all the items that are on your local area.If you choose this option, then the person will be able to create added buildings, climb into the coffers and do almost all the things that in the first case, but it will have some restrictions.Accordingly, the question of how to add a friend in the chest, almost settled, and if you added it in private, he will be able to use the data and household items.


Now let's look at how to remove a friend from the trunk.In fact, in order to do this, you need to pre-exclude him from this query, then he can not get in store.To succeed in this business, using special commands.For example, to add his friend in private, you should use the code / region adowner.Remove it can be another team.To do this, use code / region removember.The question of how to add a friend to the chest, in fact, is very simple, if you remember the special teams that have been mentioned above.Here are a couple of codes that will be useful to you.For example, using the command / gamemode can change the game mode.Manage the time of day in the game is possible by means of code / time set.