Beginners personnel officers: examples interview

theory is one thing, and quite another - a practice.Even the best students are faced with a very difficult situation: the need to transform knowledge into action.For all the personnel it is complicated by the need to consider the personal qualities of the interlocutor.To simplify the process of understanding how to deal with the case, you can simply explore the examples of interviews.Then the process will become much clearer.

Examples interview: general

- Name three of your positive characteristics.

- Why do you think that the work you get?

- By what criteria do you choose our company?

- What do you like to do?

- What are your priorities for value?

- What do you want to achieve by working with us?

- What is the level of income you feel comfortable?

- Tell us about your achievements.

- Describe the level of useful skills that you own.

- Can you have difficulty, in the case of employment for which you are applying?Your actions.

- How do you intend to change the situation in the case of employment?

- your priorities for action in dealing with business issues.

These jobs contribute to the identification of business qualities of the applicant.

Sample interview questions stress

not only business acumen, and determines the performance of the employee returns.Another important factor is its ability to handle stress, family situation, ability to withstand conflicts and other "human" qualities.Here are examples of interview questions this orientation:

- What useful you want us to offer?

- What level of aggressiveness you feel normal?

- In the case of the scandal with loved ones who first goes to reconciliation?

- Tell me about a situation where you are criticized.Your reaction.

- Are you ready to evaluate the work of colleagues and management?

- What gives you the right to criticize someone else's work?

- How much time you need to make proposals to improve the work of the enterprise?

- At what level of payment you are applying for?Why is that?

How to interview: Example

When the bidder comes into the office, look at his clothes.If she "yells" or, conversely, merges with the interior, you should choose a more aggressive questions.If fit into the overall style of the company, it is a suitable person.Let's start with the second option.

- On what basis do you choose our company?

- I am satisfied with the salary.

- What you can offer us?

- I have a diploma corresponding profile, experience.

- What you have achieved in the previous site?

- Big sales.

- What is it you're not satisfied.

- Located far from home.

(It is necessary to check on the application form).

- Have you had any conflicts, how were they resolved?

- No.

- Who attacked you, for what?

- Colleagues of envy.

- your reaction.

And so on.Here it can be seen that the person is inadequate to criticism (he accused colleagues envy).

Examples interview with inappropriately dressed candidate

- Have you had any major projects?What kind?

- Yes ....

- What is the real benefit of the declaration.

- Increased income.

- How do you propose to implement your experience in our company?

- On a proven scheme.

- Why does it work?Give a detailed description.

- ...

- What you did not accept the previous workplace?

And in the same spirit.It is necessary to find out why the person is not caught in that company, where he worked before.Does it have a potential that it positions.

In fact, you should try to build a conversation as if you are talking to an old friend.Typically, such a maneuver works well.