«People» presents: "A great father Kevin Federlyayn"

Photo Federlyayna Kevin and his two sons with Britney can be seen on the cover of the next issue of the magazine «People».On the site there was a preview of the publication and the article, which will be presented in the printed edition.In an interview Federlyayn says he suffered a breakdown, and the tragedy of Spears, and declares that the sons for him - the most important thing in the world.
presents and words of Kevin, claims that he was just shocked when Britney, without telling him, filed for divorce.But this contradicts recent statements by the singer that is Federlyayn dumped her.

The following are excerpts from the interview.

- Do you remember your first meeting with Britney?

- We met at a Hollywood club «Joseph's».Our eyes met, and the deed was done.In fact, from that moment, and we began our relationship.Then I realized what a whirlwind romance and love at first sight.

- What time do you think your marriage the happiest?

- Well ... the wedding day.I never thought that I would marry, but it happened.For me it was a very happy moment.I knew perfectly well that he was ready to dedicate his life to her, and I did not have any doubts.

- What went wrong?

- In general it is very difficult to live in a marriage.And then there were the children, and it changed everything.I began to pay more attention to boys.Not that I ignored Britney, just kids for me has always been the most important in the world ... and we have developed complications.I did not put forward any ultimatums, just wanted to understand, to dot the i.But she did not want to even talk to me, and one day, behind my back, filed for divorce.I was shocked. "

- Many people believe that you fought for custody of the children because of the money.

- My first question was a lawyer: "Did I ever be able to see their sons?" I told him if he was ready to Spend every last penny, to be sure: with my kids all right.They are everything to me.I did not know Britney plans, and it scared me.

- What was your reaction when, in January, Britney locked herself in the bathroom with Jayden and was later admitted to hospital?

- That night was a nightmare.If we talk about my the worst point in the doldrums, which only can be, it was just this moment.I am very worried about Britney, because I do not care about it.After all, she is the mother of my children.And the fact that between us there is no more love, does not mean that I do not care for it.Of course I'm worried about her health, and I wish Britney.And let it deals with the fact that he loves the most.

Definitely Kevin Federlyayn changed, became more sensible and grown-up.However, what he says is not yet the ultimate truth, and perhaps what he said something glossed over.But this whole situation is so complex that it is difficult to find out who really is right and who is wrong ...

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