What is a dog handler?

What is a canine?Believe me, this is not just a profession.It is a vocation, a way of life, the call of the soul.About what the qualities of a canine, what does this specialist, where and how learning takes place, read the article.

Can the breeder called cynologist?

Judge.What is a dog breeder?This is a man holding a dog house.He cares about the animal, feed, walk, comb, making vaccination.This is - a dog lover.And who is a dog handler?This - the expert.And certified.With specialization.For example, training or expertise.In short, the dog owner is different from the handler as well as a student of the professor at the institute.One - is only the beginning, the other - is a professional.Moreover, it is possible that a fan will ever be good cynologist.

«knight without fear»

Let's start with officialdom.The question: "Who is a dog handler?" Contemporary literature and guides meet like this: "This is a specialist devoted to the breeding and training (in training) dogs."

And like all well but someho

w very much dry and sparsely.Canine - a knight without fear.And figuratively and literally.If we consider the absolutely exact value, initially «Ritter» (it.) Meant the horse heavily armed warrior.Full equipment handler actually resembles knightly gear - while the entire body have to be protected.Otherwise, the dog handlers may be affected (especially in the early stages of the occupation).Protective clothing called dresskostyumom.The most common is it for persons involved - people helping to prepare the dogs for the MCS program, IPO (IPO), and others.

«But if the horse - means a horse!"- You might say.You are right.Today, the expression "on horseback" means "fully prepared".In order to be invulnerable needed except courage, attentiveness, knowledge, confidence and ... absolute contact with the dog.After all, who is the canine really?This person understands and feels the dog.Agree - canine good template for the system to work will not.He really feels the animal and is able to predict its future actions.This instructor will pick up the key to any dog.

Features profession

That should be able canine?What does this man?Perhaps we should first list the main trends in dog breeding:

  • the guard;

  • respite;

  • mount;

  • shepherd;

  • hunting;

  • decorative;

  • office.

dog handlers usually specialize in any particular one of them.From the direction of the work it depends on what exactly has been the specialist.This may be, for example, breeding dogs.Here we must clearly know the genetics of common issues and veterinary medicine, to understand the exterior features of the breed.

may seem that the breeding of dogs - is simple enough.However, the view is very, very wrong.A person not versed in this matter, clearly harm the breed, canine good as it will only improve.Or bring a new and devoted to their work life.

Jobs handler associated with instructor in training (education) dogs trained team grafted obedience adjustment behavior problems.These professionals can work in the Kennel Club, the police, in nurseries.There's also a private practice.

direction of training can be anything.To serve not only able to service dogs.For example, Toy Spaniels could indicate the sources of harmful mold in homes.Or have dogs therapists.Do not be surprised - there is a medical cynology.It is also called sobakoterapiey.It shows a baby suffering from various types of neurological illnesses (cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome).

Communication with dogs helps develop memory and emotion, to improve the coordination of movements.This was stated by another psychiatrist Levinson (1961).Shaggy therapists are able to get people out of the coma.Unfortunately, in our country in its development Canistherapy infancy.Hopefully, good healers shaggy shower will be much more.In some major cities have opened special dog training center specializing in Canistherapy.Many dog ​​handlers to help shelters for dogs, creating comfortable conditions possible for guests and pristraivaya tailed them in really good hands.


the selected direction will depend on further work specialization:

- work with dogs with any particular genotype;

- training dogs for specific purposes (narrow or specialized training), such as guide dogs, rescue dogs, guard dogs, detective dogs, dogs to search for drugs and so on. Etc .;

- instructing beginners dog breeders.


where most working dog handler?What does an expert on dogs, we have already found.Now find out where most needed their services.

Most canine profession needed in the police department (police dog handlers), at the border, customs, kennels and dog training center (clubs, offices).Really good specialists in the field of dog breeding, unfortunately, not enough.

Therefore, if you are able to establish itself as a knowledgeable and versed in the specifics of the handler (or instructor), work you will always be.Occupation canine constantly in demand.

required quality

Not just love dogs.And here, too, specialized education is not enough.Canine should possess certain qualities: patience, dedication, perseverance, observation, good self-control, the ability to lightning reaction.And last quality is no less important than the others.

For example, when developing elements of MCS, called the common people just security, you can expect any reaction of the dog.Especially if it is only the first session.Not always walk the dog (bite, grab) for a special oven mitts or temper sleeve that puts forward the instructor.Some animals 'cunning', noticing to attack the most vulnerable spot.Some may rush to his feet, the other - in the throat.Imagine what could end up training, if the canine even for a second to lose vigilance and confused.

very important and physical training.Work handler takes a lot of energy, so people unprepared, and quickly get tired even throw it up.The pace of work is so high, that of the thousands who want to learn this difficult profession are dozens.And only a few are real professionals.In addition, dog "live" on the training field.Do not think that the instructor is working on schedule "from eight to twelve."This part of the trip charges, seminars, training courses, competitions, rallies.Work handler - a way of life.

Could she be cynologist?

Of course, if it has the qualities listed above.Moreover, women are now more dog handlers.Stereotypes are broken for a long time.And the observations prove: a female voice the dog perceives better than men.While on the subject being serious and long disputes.However, the fact that a female canine is not inferior to man-instructor (of course, with the same knowledge, training and experience) - is a fact.

Education (courses for dog handlers)

If you already have a dog and you are registered in Dog Training department, try to turn to his head.As a rule, major clubs are preparing specialists - dog handlers and experts.

Training is conducted on the basis of any offices or on-site in another city (toward).After the course exams and then awarded the degree indicating the level of training of dog handlers.

When it comes to learning to higher education, it is worth considering centers such as: the FPS (Law Institute, Voronezh);FSIN (College of Law, Perm);Border Institute in Khabarovsk, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Golitsyn, Kurgan.