Which hand man wearing a bracelet on etiquette?

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rules of etiquette apply not only to the rules of conduct.They apply to the appearance of man, including the selection and proper wearing of ornaments, all of whom recently took the men's bracelet.The modern industry of fashion accessories offers the stronger sex huge range of this type of jewelry made of different materials, ranging from classic metal and ending with unusual products from threads and beads.Which hand man wearing a bracelet?The answer to this question you will find after reading an article.


Which hand man wearing a bracelet, silver in particular - this will be discussed further.Traditionally considered masculine accessories made of metal: silver, yellow and white gold and steel.

most popular are bracelets made of silver.And, of course, is no accident.Firstly, such products suitable men of any age.Secondly, silver universally.It can be worn both day and night as a business meeting, or at a party.It is suitable as a business suit and a democratic as well.Third, the silver jewelry in comparison to other products made of precious metals more affordable, for many important.In addition, silver accessories for men are different rigor and mature style, which is crucial for the business men and women, try to maintain a brutal way.

Choice silver bracelet depends on age and social status.Mature business men prefer to massive jewelry classic design.Young people and teenagers - thinner, with an unusual weave.In addition, silver since ancient times been attributed to the ability to have a positive impact on human health and protect it from the dark forces.And it is also an important criterion for many to opt for a silver bracelet.In this case, preference is given, jewelery precious and semiprecious stones that are suitable to their respective owners.

Which hand wearing a silver bracelet men?According to etiquette, silver belt should be worn on the right wrist.But there is a small feature that applies to men who are married.Rules are not recommended to wear jewelry at the same time from different metals in general, much less put them on one hand.If a man is married and wears a gold ring, in this case, you should put a silver bracelet on his left wrist, or choose accessories made of gold and silver at the same time.

Gold Bracelet in yellow and white gold - an expensive piece of jewelry that underlines the status of its owner.Such ornaments usually choose respectable man most of his life devoting business.Wearing gold jewelry is subject to many more rules than silver.For example, according to the rules of etiquette is not recommended to wear a bracelet, even the most refined and presentable in the office.Golden decoration best choice for an evening reception or an informal business meeting.

Which hand wearing a gold bracelet men?Usually it is worn on the right hand, while on the left are the clock.If the clock and put the bracelet on one wrist, then you need to match each other in quality and price.Also, do not forget that the gold ornaments in any case will not fit even to the highest quality sportswear.


continued popularity among men are bracelets made of steel.It is believed that they could not be better emphasize the courage of its owner, and indicate the presence of his strong will and solid character.Owners steel decoration in choosing the hand on which to wear it, not limited to rigid rules of etiquette.Usually bracelet worn on the hand of a more active, which is constantly on the mind.In addition, there is great value and convenience.The bracelet must not cause discomfort.


special type of jewelry is a therapeutic magnetic bracelets.They can be made of copper, titanium or hematite.These attributes help to significantly improve the state of health of a person.The most popular copper magnetic products.Since ancient times they are used for the treatment of joints and sciatica.It is believed that copper helps to restore metabolism, improves mental activity, helps fight migraines and normalizes blood pressure.

Which hand wearing a magnetic bracelet men?Its worn on the right wrist or the left depending on where more active points located on which it must act.


widespread among men and leather goods.They are comfortable and practical.In addition, leather is the most neutral decoration that can be worn in any environment, including business.Which hand man wearing a bracelet, in particular leather, it will be discussed further.

Most men who occupied an office job, prefer thin leather bracelet, consisting of one or more interwoven straps.This decoration is usually put on the one hand to the clock.It is not evident, and looks like an accessory to a wider bracelet watch.Men usually wear a watch on his left hand, so the traditional place of fine leather goods - left wrist.

But wide leather bracelet is more appropriate to the t-shirt and jeans.These accessories usually buy men, leading an active lifestyle.In wearing a wide leather strap etiquette no restrictions.He put both on the right and on the left arm.


Which hand man wearing a bracelet?Can I wear them "Shambhala" or is it only women's jewelry?By the way, in ancient times, men have used these accessories not only as decorations, but as amulets with magical significance.Similar decorations can be seen on the modern man.The most popular in the recently acquired bracelets "Shambhala".Their purpose - to bring inner world of harmony.You can carry multiple adornments "Shambhala", but only on the right hand.


Which hand should be wearing a bracelet man?Can I wear them "non-classical" variants of this decoration?In men's fashion we have found a niche exotic products from beads and stones strung on elastic.The material for these ornaments can serve as a timber, nuts, and seeds of tropical plants.These bracelets complement the image of the men unchained who prefer free style in clothes.They put on any hand.Everything depends on the willingness of the owner.

friendship bracelets

or so-called Baubles, worn by both men and women of many nations.They weave of threads and beads and give a sign of friendship and love.To date, friendship bracelet has not lost its symbolic and even mystical meaning, regardless of talisman against misfortune.Baubles, usually worn on the left hand, without taking so long until it will tear.

Well, now you know which hand to wear the bracelet male etiquette.Now you can safely go to the store and buy it quietly charming decoration.