Promoting the goods as the main method of sales promotion.

usually promotion goods closely associated with activities such as marketing.Thanks to the activities taking place to promote a serious impact on the fate of the goods in the relevant market.

What is essentially a sales promotion?There are various definitions of the concept, but, in general, are methods you can use to convince consumers to buy what sells the enterprise - product, service or idea.Promoting the goods may be in the form of direct communication - "face to face" with customers - or indirect exposure to through the media, such as radio, television, magazine, newspaper, post a message, billboard and so on.

However, sales promotion and sales of the planned budget is always linked with the annual release produktsii.Posledny criterion is usually determined by the capacity rynka.Chem is the annual market capacity? If we use business terminology, marketing understanding notes that the annual capacity of the market is the aggregateeffective demand of the buyer on certain items in the prevailing levels of value.But there are many other definitions that are similar in nature.The potential size of the market measured using natural and monetary indicators.

Activities by which there is movement of goods, have three main objectives: informing, persuading and reminding.

INFORMATION is the primary purpose of promotion, because people can not buy goods up to that time, until he knew that they exist or do not understand what they may need it.A potential customer should consider and be focused where it is possible to find certain products, how much they will cost, and how to use them.

BELIEF - is also a very important element of the promotion, since many people need motivation of choice of various ways to meet their needs.If the consumer has never used this product, it must be persuaded of its merits.And if he was accustomed to use the products of competing brands, the consumer must be persuaded that it has replaced them.

reminder that it is possible to buy certain products and their merits is also required, because with this stimulated additional demand.It is here for this purpose are the main objectives of the promotion, in general, while each specific event in the promotion is directed out to solve specific problems.Namely - to attract new customers, increased demand from existing customer, dealer support, maintained a steady level of sales by famous trademark enterprise, formed a "portfolio of sales" and influence consumer purchase decisions are made.

about ethics promotion.Not taking into account that with the help of promotion, respectively, to perform many useful functions, some of the critical people say that its main objective - a "self."Some believe that the seller uses the means of promotion, getting a buyer to buy unnecessary and potentially harmful product, and this - anti-aging cream, cure baldness, sweetened "cooked breakfast," alcoholic drink and cigarettes.Some believe that because of the promotional activities is encouraged "material" the aspiration of people to the detriment of the most important values ​​in life, they are the prevailing stereotypes and are able to manipulate the consumer using his subconscious.And some even think that the money that is pumped into the promotion, it might be very beneficial to spend on the invention of a new product or to improve the quality already suschestvuyuschego.Takaya view is not correct in principle, as the budgets for the development of new and better brandsexisting ones, of course, have to be, but it's a completely different article raskhodov.A without funding for the promotion of products, the company eventually may be no profit at all and as a result, no other budgets.