Made with love: Bag Love Moschino

Beautiful woman watching, even for little things in his way, because he understands the role played by the details.Silk scarf, jewelry, handbag - without them, the ensemble is not complete, and they spoil the overall picture can not.But there is an important aspect in the selection of accessories - their quality.Let the dress will be a sellout, but elegant handbag will make it delicious.For example, a bag Love Moschino.What's so special and why is it so eager to have a girl?Maybe enough to buy high-quality copy?

brand as it is

ironic attitude to the world standards of fashion has always distinguished the brand MOSCHINO, it would not hurt to keep a share of elegance, luxury and glamor.More reckless heir to the parent brand has become a youth LOVE MOSCHINO, special due to its frivolous view of life, and more democratic prices.

brand philosophy is elegant and simple, for her, every woman, regardless of their status and financial position remains girl at heart, but because she is always ready to experiment, and can create a unique image of the seemingly totally different style of things.

Beauty inside

What is the youth collection of well-known brand?Primarily, this variety of styles and a variety of original accessories.Clothing brand has a classic silhouette that is hardly ever go out of fashion, but few details render it literally at the peak of popularity.Designers do not forget about the main trends of the season, but leave room for freedom of imagination.Colors are selected juicy, for example, shades of indigo, fuchsia, carmine, and others.

Accessories with the right accents

Proper attire is remembered not because of the brightness of colors, but mainly because of the harmony of the form and original accessories.For example, a bag Love Moschino will add freshness and elegance of the ensemble.With such an easy thing to release inner girl and pranks recklessly.If you value convenience, you can complement the dress ballet flats or colorful boots and shoes with heels will add the beauty of evening out.Each female bag Love Moschino embodies the triumph of designer fantasies.There is a flirty straps, bows and rhinestones.For club parties suitable model in the form of heart with a color scheme in all shades of scarlet.For the summer, you can purchase a version of the textile bags printed and elegant red brush inside.At the gala dinner is better to get a clutch on a chain with golden accessories.So you want to have all your favorite brand model, but what if finances do not permit such generosity?Maybe that's enough quality copies?

copy or original?

What is so beautiful bag Love Moschino?A copy may not be less convenient and high quality, but the price of replica would be much more pleasant, because most of its production takes place in China, but not at home Moschino - Italy.What will be the difference in the money?Probably, it is necessary to consider the price aspect in a separate model.Elegant bag Love Moschino - red, scarlet lipstick shade of eco-leather quilted - decorate any woman.Red - the color of passion and love, color ambiguous and eloquent, he will come to the only business ensemble with the trouser suit and tie, and just as well complement the evening with a set of dress and high heels.Convenient handles allow the bag to load and even wear in business papers, but the original model is made of a delicate material, and therefore requires careful handling.Replica from this point of view it is more convenient, but it is slightly coarser than the touch, and by careful consideration it can always be determined.Clasp bag on a metal zipper is very beautiful, but not if the copy is of high quality, the buckle may oxidize, and is seriously spoil the appearance of the product.

Textile lining from the original bag has a brand image and a copy that may not be characterized.If you are interested in brand Love Moschino, ladies handbag has all chances to become a universal accessory, as you will find among the line model for each day and the output shown in different colors and quirky decor.For girls and young cheerful collection has a bag with cartoon characters, so do not doubt the originality of the model only because of the funny pictures.By the way, the cost of high-quality copies too can hit the pocket, as an average, it will cost 15-20 thousand rubles per copy.For comparison, the original is no less than 2-3 times more expensive.