10 qualities necessary for success in business

about the qualities of the person who, in the opinion of experienced and successful entrepreneurs, all of them combined:

1. Perseverance

founder and president of Hope Inkandescent Public Relations Katz Gibbs said that innate ability to distinguish businessmen do not despairby setbacks, and stubbornly rise after every fall.

«And we do not have any ideas lead to success, but we are different in that we never giving up ... After each failure, we can better understand what works and what does not work and start all over again," - said Gibbs.In the end, she says, entrepreneurs - people who know how to stand up to the last.

2. Sociability

Business consultant Paul O'Leary believes that entrepreneurs innate gregarious by nature and have the gift to talk any interlocutor.

«They have a positive attitude, focused on results and persistent."

3. Permanent attitude to work

chief analyst and founder of market research firm IT-Harvest, Richard Stiennon said that a true entrepreneur always works - even if only in the mind.

«He or she can not stop the flow of ideas ... The solution to every problem - this is another opportunity to build a business," - says Stiennon.

4. The ability to learn from mistakes

New York specialist in weddings Nadia Digilou sure that this entrepreneur is always ready to learn from their mistakes.

«Entrepreneurs constantly analyze their decisions and are not afraid to admit his guilt ... It is easier to correct the negative effects of their mistakes than people who do not have such a gift."

5. Ability to take advantage of any situation

Tomas Chamorro-Premyuzik Hogan Assessments of the company believes that entrepreneurs have a mind, allowing you to see and take advantage of any situation.

«They see opportunities where others do not see ... Only few can keep up with them."

6. The ability to succeed even in the face of uncertainty

Successful personal trainer Helen Kafasso believes that entrepreneurs are able to do business in the conditions of uncertainty, especially in the beginning of his career.

«If you fall into a stupor when in your life too many things to keep track of everything, and when, in addition, there are unexpected expenses, to be an entrepreneur - it is not yours."

7. Attitude to win

Even in the worst situations, successful entrepreneurs always see an opportunity for profit - says the founder of the investment banking firm Atelier Advisors Lily Balfour.

«When their world falls apart, they remain calm, knowing that derive from this situation ... They experience it becomes clear what works and what does not work," says Balfour.

8. Resourcefulness

As someone who works primarily with entrepreneurs, President trading and consulting public relations company Let's Make You Shine Robin Zamora believes that entrepreneurs have a special gift of solving problems.

«They are coming up with new ways to solve problems that others do not even think you might come."

9. The ability to infect others with their ideas

One of the key features of a born entrepreneur business coach and consultant Nancy Eberhardt said the ability to get people interested in their ideas.

"Even selling magazines in the 12 years of age show a born businessman persuasion and persuade you to buy their goods ... Such people are easy to find an approach to any person to present their product, goods or service in the most favorable light."

10. Energetic

Consultant, Marketing and Public Relations, worked with a number of outstanding entrepreneurs, Lisa Murray believes that they share one quality - Wake up at ease.

«Natural Born Entrepreneurs do not know what fatigue.They are always full of energy and plans. "

Articles Source: mixstuff.ru