How to check the silver

silver because of its unique qualities occupies a special place among the precious metals.Even in ancient times we spoke about the amazing magical properties of the metal.In ancient Greece, it was associated with the feminine, with the magic of the night.Other nations also have special legends and signs regarding the silver.Inky said that the money - it is the lunar tears.The Egyptians also assured that the god Ra bones are made of this metal.Since ancient times, different people believed in the power of silver amulets for protection against evil spirits.Silver

how things interact with the human body, and other things.Due to its characteristics, this metal is able to eliminate odors, keep the freshness of drinking water.It also has anti-microbial and disinfectant properties.Metal plastic, is durable and can be easily forged.

The story goes that in ancient times, silver was used as a medicine.Plates of metal applied to the wound so that it heals quickly.There are many ways to treat diseases using s

ilver particles.This has been known since the time of Herodotus, Agricola, Pliny.

worried people since ancient times, and how to check the silver.It is known that over time the metal gets dark.It is also possible to determine the authenticity and the smell, the touch or using chalk.Silver has a high conductivity and quickly adopts the same temperature as the object with which it interacts.For example, if you put it in hot water, silver instantly become as hot.

How to check the silver more modern methods?It's simple.Metal is not a magnet, so it is enough to bring it to a magnet to determine authenticity.Also help in checking and sulfuric pharmacy ointment.If the metal is to smear it, he instantly turn black.It has similar properties and iodine.

How to check the silver by chemical means?If you have the ability to produce nitric acid, it is the best fit for the authentication of the metal.Its interaction with silver give this green hissing foam.

also all interested in how to check when buying silver in the store.At the original trial there.High-grade silver even has two hallmarks.Higher test - 925. It 92.5% pure silver.Anything less is considered to be a church, do not take it.Alloy 875 sample contains 87.5% of the impurity.Its use in industry, manufacturing of household and jewelry.

Experts know how to determine the silver in appearance and to the touch and other ways, but enough for everyday life, and the methods described above.

silver density is about 10 5 g / cm3.Metal has reflective and thermal and electrical conductivity.

Silverware was born in the days of the nobility, and it has gained its popularity in this era.Dish from silver showed a good taste of the owners.They are handed down, and appreciated the aristocracy.Today, the silverware is still highly regarded.It is presented for anniversaries and weddings.Why is it so prized dishes of silver?She is beautiful and aesthetic, as well as healthy.A priori, it is associated with luxury, wealth and good taste.Even if a family has at least one spoon of metal of the highest standard - that's says a lot about the hosts.Collecting the silverware can afford only families with high incomes.

often silverware blacken and become unsightly dark patina.To eliminate it, you need citric acid, soda, toothpaste or hydrogen peroxide.You can either clean the dishes or decorations by these means, or soak in the solution.In any case, luster and shine to silver would return.