Systemically important banks: the list.

banks as a form of commercial organizations on the one hand, play a crucial role in the economy, and on the other - in cases of crisis trends - may be affected more than others by virtue of the relevant negative factors.As a result, they can become, in turn, is a burden on the national economy during the crisis.But the strength of the state - to prevent it.Thus, the Central Bank of Russia has decided to make a list of the most stable bank financial institutions, better than any other protected from the effects of crises, and therefore can not only become a burden for the budget, but also contribute to the output of the national economy of the difficult situation in which it is currently.Which financial institutions are included in this list?

essence of systemically important banks

Systemically important banks in Russia - what is this structure?This term refers to the largest credit institutions which, by virtue of compliance with the criteria or otherwise, are characterized as having great importance for the economy of the state.Such indicators may include the value of the bank's capitalization, the degree of presence in the regions, as well as key figures on the overall financial condition of the structure.

However, formal criteria at the level of legal acts in the Russian Federation have not yet taken.Therefore, a particular list of systemically important banks - as, for example, published in July 2015. Central Bank of Russia, formed mainly on the basis of assessments of the internal mechanisms of the regulator.Lists of relevant institutions can also be, for example, analytical agencies - such as "RIA Rating".

Interests authorities

However, there is evidence that the criteria of the systemically important banks in the foreseeable future can be secured at the legislative level.This issue, as analysts note, worked out at various levels of consultations on the financial market of the Russian Federation.Banks of Russia, to be classified as systemically important - if we talk about the lists published by the Central Bank may be eligible for state support in the event of crises - for example, if they have problems with liquidity.Thus, the authorities may be interested in maintaining the stability of credit and financial institutions due to the fact that they, in turn, contribute to the sustainability of the economy as a whole.

regulator informs

may be noted that in 2013 the Central Bank has published an interesting document - a draft guidance, which were fixed to the criteria of the banks systemically important.This source stated that the list of systemically important banks in Russia can be configured based on the value of assets of institutions, the share of deposits, as well as the amount of cash that attracted from other financial institutions.Relevant recommendations were based on the criteria of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and the Council of foreign experts.At the same time the financial performance of the Central Bank should be assessed, according to the provisions of the draft, based on the results of the institution for 3 years.

We also know that in January 2014 the Central Bank published an indication, based on the provisions of which was supposed to define a list of systemically important banks.2014, as suggested by some experts, was to be taken into account in terms of evaluating performance - so for him the relevant list has not been published.However, there is an opposite point of view.Some experts have suggested that the year in which the Central Bank will publish the first list of systemically important banks in 2014 somehow be due to the crisis trends and the need to determine the list of the most stable credit organizations.However, the Central Bank has formed a corresponding list of financial institutions in July 2015 th.

Systemically important banks according to the Bank of

Consider, therefore, what is now the Central Bank allocates systemically important banks.The list includes 10 major Russian bank financial institutions.


- Sberbank - the largest bank of the Russian Federation;

- VTB - the second largest bank assets of the Russian Federation;

- Agricultural Bank;

- Raiffeisenbank;

- UniCredit;

- Gazprombank;

- FK "Opening";

- Rosbank;

- PSB;

- Alfa Bank.

As experts estimate this list?Market analysts believe that the Central Bank submitted to and including a list of systemically important banks, as a whole, is logical.Many experts, in principle, before the regulator has made this list, suggested that the above-bank financial institutions will enter into it.Although, if only because these institutions - the largest in Russia in terms of assets.In total, they accumulate about 60% of the Russian banking capital.

criteria by the Central Bank

expected that the Central Bank in the near future to publish the criteria on the basis of which were identified systemically important banks, the list of which we have considered above.This, in particular, representatives of the regulator said in a media interview.It may be noted that some of the criteria available to the public right now - if you examine the information in the press releases of the CBR.So, one of them said that since October 1, 2015 in determining the systemically important banks will be considered an indicator of the value of short-term liquidity.The requirements for its value will gradually increase.Initially will assume figure of 60%, but in 2019 it will have to be 100%.

is also known that in 2016 the Central Bank will set the requirements for capital buffers - in accordance with the criteria that determined the Basel recommendations.The corresponding figure in addition to the basic capital needed to offset losses in the event of a crisis, would have to be 0.625% with respect to assets which are weighted by risk.Each year, the criterion will become increasingly stringent.By 2019, banks will have to provide a capital buffer in the value of 2.5%.

Optimum representativeness

may be noted that even in the instructions for which are defined in Russia systemically important banks in 2014, it was said that the amount of credit and financial institutions present in the list must include at least 80%assets of the Russian banking market.

In this regard, some experts suggested that in the first list of systemically important institutions will be around 50 organizations.Moreover, in an interview with media representatives from the Central Bank in the autumn of 2014 reported that appropriate status should receive 19 banks, accumulating, in turn, 70% of the capital in the national market.

approaches to evaluating systemically important banks

So we learned some criteria that are determined by systemically important banks.The list of these organizations, compiled by the Central Bank, we also examined.What do representatives of financial institutions and market analysts about the wisdom of the formation of the corresponding list, and the principles of its preparation?

So, common point of view on which the status of systemic importance of the bank - it is not so much a preference as increased responsibility.Credit and financial institutions, to get it, should be ready to fulfill obligations - related both to the decision of the domestic economic problems of the state and participation in international communications.Representatives of the Central Bank stressed that the banks that were on the list of systemically important, should not unconditionally rely on financial support from the state.The main role in facilitating the resolution of potential problems in the institution, as noted by the top managers of the Central Bank should play the shareholders.

criteria for classifying banks in the system: Expert Evaluations

What experts say on the published criteria at the moment the Central Bank, which can be attributed to banks systemically important?Thus, analysts very positively evaluated the initiative of the Central Bank in terms of requirements for capital buffers.However, many experts are interested in, based on considerations of public marked the central bank has set us above figures.

According to some analysts, an important criterion in the evaluation of the stability of Russian financial institutions should be quality control.If the bank is headed by competent managers, it is in any case increases the chances for successful crisis management, as well as the execution of the functions that are important for the economy of the country, experts believe.

Catch leaders

Bank of Russia, which made the Central Bank in the list of systemically important, are also designed to be a model for other, possibly competing financial institutions, analysts said.

Basically, their credibility in the eyes of the other participants in the credit market of the Russian Federation can not be questioned, experts say, but of smaller organizations would be nice to be able to see, whereby particularly the large banks are developing successfully and positively evaluated by the regulator.In this regard the publication of the Central Bank of the full list of criteria for classification of credit and financial institutions to the system may become a significant incentive to improve the efficiency of the banking system as a whole, analysts say.