Coder - who is it?

More recently, when the printing industry has not been changed capabilities of a personal computer beyond recognition, publication of the book has been very time-consuming process.It was attended by many people.One of them is certainly a coder.Education before as such is not carried out.However, today there is the opportunity to enroll in the appropriate school and get a degree in this profession.Later in the article we analyze this question: "Coder - who is it?"What are the challenges the specialist performing today?

Creating publications

The special features of the book include the existence of layout strict separation of the duties performed.That is, one person had to develop the project, the second was to type the text, and the third was preparing drawings, creating a fourth film, and the fifth was charged with the creation of printing plates.Technology will agree, cumbersome, slow and complex.Set and layout exercised coder books.These processes are made strictly by the rules provided by numerous standards which deviate from strictly forbidden, otherwise the non-observance of the system is strictly punished.

The advent of computer technology

Now that the world is dominated by computer technology, process layout and the set is already being done with the help of software, rather than manually, as before.All stages of the process is almost automatic.However, giving the text legibility should be familiar with the principles of the control settings that come with desktop publishing.There will come to our aid and technical instructions unforgettable GOST, the drafting of which was intended to provide a quick lead coder page publication to a form that is familiar reading for the perception of the text without any additional effort.

The process of newspaper strips

Nesting is a manufacturing process in which drawn by a trained set of illustrations for books, magazine and newspaper pages specified format.This process is part of the core, which make up the printing industry, contributing to giving the final appearance of printed works.On how well-executed layout depends on the level of quality of the finished magazine, book or newspaper.This process also relates to the most complex.Engaged in the layout and set designer-coder.Observing the mandatory technical regulations, provides specialist technical and stylistic unity of design and artistic integrity of the publication, matching each band and each turn of the general principle of design and content.

methods set

Every designer-coder knows that a requirement to the formation of the structure of the publication is to have the same character layout without exception parts that have the same elements.This means that the initial bands all slopes are approximately equal to the beat all the titles and subtitles of various ranks, notes in the text, footnotes, captions for pictures, zaverstka similar illustrations done the same way ("in the frill" or counter).In addition, the header, and folio, signatures and rules inherent in the same weaning.In the layout of some magazines, especially those that contain a large number of illustrations, has its own peculiarities.However, it is performed in general accordance with the rules of book layout.Significant differences exist between the imposition of Newspapers and books and magazines.

Layout publication

When creating a layout of any publication must take into account its size, and in particular the proportion of leaf, because all the parameters of the text in the publication and number of pages depend on it.In this case, the layout designer - who is it?First Desktop Publisher.Before you get started, you need to determine the approximate number of pages in the publication.The number should have a multiple of 16 or 32 when Imposition (offset printing).Error layout is the presence of a large number of empty pages that present the words "Notes."It should be taken into account and that is always busy the last two, and two of the first page in any book.First page serves as a cover sheet, and the second - his turnover.Penultimate is always used as the end of the text or advertising, the latter, as a rule, are allocated to the final data.Magazines and newspapers include the presence of other restrictions due to their specificity.

Responsibilities linker

So coder - who is it?This person is an expert on the layout on the page illustrated document, text and auxiliary members.The term traditionally used in publishing and printing.But the emergence of the Internet has given him the assignment of values.Today is quite common is such a profession as a web coder.The duties of the specialist is to receive texts, pictures and sketches.He creates models of newspapers, magazines and other publications.Earlier coder had to also withdraw the film for transfer to the plates intended for flat printing photomethod (major publishers for such purposes use the services of a specialist in prepress).


Coder (who it is, we have seen above), who works in periodicals often subordinated to managing editor.His head may also be responsible for the illustration - Bild editor.If you have publications advertising- image rather than information-news direction, chief coder is the art director.He has been, above all, ensuring adherence to corporate identity.Designer-coder can also work independently.

use of computer tools

Basic computer tools used by the printing works in the edition layout designer, presented programs such as AdobeInDesign.Previously used mostly PageMaker and QuarkXPress, it can serve as an alternative to the free Scribus.In order to prepare the photos, further use a tool such as Photoshop, ancillary works are also performed a vector graphics editor, for example, AdobeIllustrator.You can work with specialized programs and layout.So, in order to make the construction of technical literature, use the program FrameMaker (or free package TeX).

development of the virtual world

emergence of new sites are every second.The owners of these resources would be desirable that their portals has an original and attractive for the users view.For this purpose, of course, is not enough to use free website templates that dazzles the Internet.In this case, you can not do without the services of a team of specialists.Coder sites just part of this team.It is engaged in the arrangement of elements on the pages of an Internet resource.The place of work of a professional typesetter are web studio, advertising agency.He also takes part in various Internet projects.You can work in the state of any company, and yourself as a remote coder.

immediate task

Coder sites is developing a code page by using the appropriate markup language.This may be, for example, HTML, XHTML, XML.Even in His responsibilities include design created earlier code page using the built-in markup, or Cascading Style Sheets CSS.It uses a text editor or HTML editor to correct and coding, graphics program for "cutting" a graphic layout.