Generals Second World War: the list.

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Second World War is considered one of the most violent and bloody conflict of the XX century.Of course, winning the war was the merit of the Soviet people, which cost countless victims gave future generations a peaceful life.However, it has become possible thanks to the unsurpassed talent of Soviet military leaders.Generals - participants of the Great Patriotic War victory forged with the ordinary citizens of the USSR, showing the heroism and courage.

Georgy Zhukov

One of the key figures of the Great Patriotic War is considered Georgy Zhukov.Home Zhukov military career dates back to 1916, when it took a direct part in the First World War.In one battle Zhukov was seriously injured, was wounded, but, even so, did not leave his post.For courage and valor he was awarded the George Cross 3rd and 4th degree.

Generals Second World War - is not just military commanders, are true innovators in their field.Georgy Zhukov is a prime example.It was he, first of all representatives of the Red Army and was awarded the Medal of Honour - Marshal Star, and was awarded the highest rank of military service - Marshal of the Soviet Union.

Alex Vasilevsky

List "Generals WWII" impossible to imagine without this remarkable man.During the war Vasilevsky was at the front for 22 months along with his men, and only 12 months in Moscow.The great commander personally commanded the heroic battles in Stalingrad during the defense of Moscow, has visited the most dangerous territory in terms of the enemy attack the German army.

Alex Vasilevsky, Major General WWII, had a surprisingly courageous character.Thanks to its strategic thinking and immediately understand the situation repeatedly managed to repel the onslaught of the enemy, avoid many human victims.

For successful results of the counter-offensive at Stalingrad and the defeat of groupings of Field Marshal Paulus Vasilevsky Alexis was awarded the title of "Marshal" and awarded the Order of Suvorov 1st degree.

Konstantin Rokossovsky

not be complete rating "Outstanding WWII Generals" and without mentioning the amazing man, a talented commander Rokossovsky.Rokossovskogo military career began at 18, when he was asked to join the Red Army regiments that passed through Warsaw.

In the biography of the great general has a negative impact.Thus, in 1937, he was slandered and accused of having links with foreign intelligence that formed the basis for his arrest.However, tough character and perseverance Rokossovskogo played a significant role.He did not admit of the charges against him.Acquittal and release Konstantin Konstantinovich took place in 1940.

for successful combat operations near Moscow, as well as for the defense of Stalingrad Rokossovskogo name is listed at the forefront of the list of "the great generals of World War II."For the role that played in the general attack on Minsk and Baranovichi, Konstantin was awarded the title of "Marshal of the Soviet Union."Winning multiple awards and medals.

Ivan Konev

Do not forget that the list of "Generals and Marshals of the Great Patriotic War" and includes the name of Konev I. One of the key operations that are exponential in the fate of Ivan Stepanovich considered Korsun-offensive.This operation is allowed to encircle a large group of enemy forces, which also played a positive role in the turn of the war.

About this tactical offensive and unique victory Konev wrote Alexander Werth - popular English journalist: "Konev through the slush, dirt roads and bad roads had a lightning offensive against the enemy forces."For innovative ideas, perseverance, courage and tremendous courage, Ivan Stepanovich has joined the list, which were listed generals and marshals the Second World War.The title of "Marshal" Konev was commander of the third after Zhukov and Vasilevsky.

Andrei Ivanovich Eremenko

One of the most famous personalities of the Great Patriotic War is considered to Andrey Ivanovich Yeremenko, who was born in the village Markovka in 1872.Military career outstanding general began in 1913 when he was drafted into the Russian Imperial Army.

This person is interesting in that the title of Marshal of the Soviet Union he received for services other than Rokossovsky, Zhukov and Vasilevsky, Konev.If these generals, armies of WWII were awarded medals for offensive operations, the Andrei Ivanovich received the honorary military rank for the defense.Eremenko took an active part in the operations at Stalingrad, in particular, he was one of the initiators of the counter-offensive, the results of which were able to capture a group of German soldiers in the amount of 330 thousand people.

Rodion Malinovsky

One of the most prominent generals of the Soviet Union, the Great Patriotic War is considered Rodion Malinovsky.He was enrolled in the ranks of the Red Army at the age of 16 years.During the First World War, he suffered multiple severe injuries.Two fragments of shells stuck in the back, and the third shot through the leg.Despite this, after his recovery, he was not the reserve and continued to serve the motherland.

deserve special word of his military successes during the Second World War.In December 1941, being the rank of lieutenant-general, appointed commander Malinowski Southern Front.However, the most striking episode in the biography of Rodion considered the defense of Stalingrad.The 66th Army under the guidance of Malinovsky launched a counteroffensive far from Stalingrad.Because of this it succeeded in defeating the 6th German Army, which reduced the enemy's onslaught on the city.After the war, Rodion was awarded the title "Hero of the Soviet Union."

Semyon Timoshenko

victory certainly forged all the people, but a special role in the defeat of the German troops played the generals of WWII.List of outstanding military complemented name Seeds Konstantinovich Timoshenko.The commander received numerous angry remarks of Stalin, which was caused by a failure operations in the first days of the war.Semyon K., showing courage and bravery, asked the commander in chief to send it to the most dangerous section of battles.

Marshal Timoshenko during its military operations commanded by the most important fronts and areas that were strategic.The most striking facts in the biography of the commander considered fighting on the territory of Belarus, in particular the defense of Gomel and Mogilev.

Bagramyan Chuykov

Bagramyan was born into a peasant family in 1900.His life, he decided to dedicate the service of the homeland, related to military activities.He participated in the Civil War, for which he was handed two of the Order of the Red Banner.

During the Second World War, was the commander of the 64th, then 62nd Army.Under his leadership, were the most important defensive battles that allowed to defend Stalingrad.Ivan Chuikov Khristoforovich for liberation of Ukraine from Nazi occupation was awarded the title "Hero of the Soviet Union."

Great Patriotic War - the most important battle of the XX century.Through valor, bravery and courage of Soviet soldiers and commanders the ability to innovate and to make decisions in difficult situations, achieved a crushing victory of the Red Army over Nazi Germany.