Lessons optimism

What words would you describe your life?Gray days?A series of black and white stripes?Bright, iridescent?A lot depends on how you feel about myself.It's time to pick up the ink and paint your life the way you want it!

happiness hormone

People suffering from depression often prescribed medications that increase the production of the hormone serotonin, which is responsible for mood.But for such therapy should be good evidence, but increase the amount of hormone available means you can now.First, walk more - sunlight is an activator for serotonin.Second, eat the right foods - the hormone of happiness increase chocolate, bananas, figs, oily fish.Third, listen to your favorite music.English psychologist Tomas Camorra has studied how music changes the level of serotonin in the blood of the audience, and even derived a formula: S (serotonin levels) = P (pitch) + Pos (positive) + T (tone) + BPM (tempo) + I (pleasantAssociation).In addition, our moods affect endorphins and dopamine.First produced in the body, such as during exercise or sex, and the second - in the process of eating delicious food and good shopping.

glass half empty or full?

About optimists and pessimists, there are many anecdotes, which essentially boils down to one thing: in the same things they look differently, seeing anything bad or good.Where to start if you decide to become an optimist?First, learn to ignore the negative.Secondly, focuses on the positive.

More color!

Rate palette that surrounds you (interior, wardrobe).Psychologists have found that some colors are uplifting, while others, on the contrary, oppressed.Thus, the beneficial effects have yellow, orange, pink, green.Here, for example, dark brown or burgundy bad influence on mood and alarming.

Work on a

As psychologists say, most of our existence poison fears and doubts.They do not allow us to see all the colors of life.Get rid of that hinders you.Shyness, isolation, indecision - it all lends itself to adjustment.Confidence will give a positive charge.Start small: usually praise themselves for even minor achievements.

Here and Now

Live today.Often, focusing on the future, we refuse to interesting projects and lay off their desires for later ... For example, a friend calls to go on holiday to the sea, and you refuse, believing that your money later there is a more practical application.But just think, what emotions and impressions you deprive yourself!Do you think that real life begins only when you earn a lot of money (to change jobs, get married or razvedeshsya, etc.)?Similar installations are harmful.Start living the way you like it, you have today and not to postpone happiness for tomorrow.

All the better

accept reality for what it is.Optimism does not imply the absence of problems.But the positive outlook on life - is not only an objective assessment of the situation, but also the right conclusions.If something goes wrong in your opinion, take this, Evaluate and decide for yourself: "Yes, today it did not work the way I wanted.But now I know what to do next time to achieve the desired ".

lemonade out of lemons

Pay the difficulties to their advantage.Think of the obstacles to the goal, as the gambling and failure - as the lessons of destiny.

Rule magnet

Remember, like attracts like.Thoughts accompanying you at a certain time, will certainly be reflected in the future as a relevant event.You do attract into your life good luck and as she abandons her.Try to adjust itself for the best.

power of words

Keep in mind that every word is the image that perceives our subconscious.Positive thinking - this is a positive way of thinking.Thinking about something, give yourself installation, correctly formulate the problem: Replace "not sick" (the image - a disease) to "be healthy" (image - health), etc.

Big Change

Even if you caught up in a bad mood, try to deal with it as quickly as possible: Turn on soft music and dance, comedy, look, eat a favorite treat, go for a walk in the park.If you require more radical measures, the change of scenery, hairstyle image.The changes will bring cheer and satisfaction.

notes positive

Sign a "diary positive" - ​​a notebook in which you can write down all the things that even a little pleased with you, a compliment from a colleague successful the cake, a good movie, etc.Importantly, do not be lazy to make regular entries.The more you noted positive moments, the better you feel.Generates a positive story - it will be the basis for your future success!

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