Is it possible to exchange old gold for new?

Gold - precious metal that will never lose its value.However, gold jewelry is much dependent on fashion.Many people find the jewelry that they have not been worn.If gold jewelry is not satisfied with the owners, they can be exchanged for a newer product.

What is the gold exchange

If a person has the jewels, which are already out of fashion or broken, it can carry out the exchange of old gold for new.You can even exchange the jewelry or any other items of gold, which are simply fed up.Jewelers recycle these items and give them a second life.

Many jewelry stores offer the exchange of old gold for new surcharge.It is possible to pay almost immediately and choose your favorite gold articles or entrust their gold master.In this case, the jeweler can process surrendered to the new gold jewelery took the money only for his work.

cost sharing

How much will a new gold exchange - depends on many factors.The main parameters that influence the price of the exchange, - the type of jewelry (ring, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and so on. D.) And the complexity of its implementation.Also, many jewelers are paying much attention to the appearance of gold products.So, if there is damage, scratches or other defects, the master may refuse to exchange old gold for new.

also need to take into account the fact that all the pawnshops and jewelry stores gold price of admission may be different.

How does the exchange

In each outlet, which is engaged in gold exchange, the conditions of the process may be different.But in general, all exchange points operate on the same scheme.So, first the jeweler or the competent employee of the company evaluate the appearance of gold products.Thus, the master determines whether the gold exchange.If the gold is in good condition and has no damage, it is accepted for exchange or conversion.

Then you need to leave the product for a while, to make an examination to determine the authenticity test.This usually requires several days.Following the positive results of the examination to continue the exchange of gold.The product is carefully weighed to the client, and then discussed the conditions of the exchange.If the client wishes to recycle gold, to discuss the future of the wizard type of the product and its design.Jeweller counts the cost of additional materials and their work.

In the case where the customer wants to exchange gold for new jewelry, calculated the difference that the buyer must pay.

If the master refused to exchange the product due to the presence of defects or serious damage, then you should look for another exchange, who agreed to a gold.

Who has the right to take the gold

According to the legislation, exchange and donate gold to a pawn shop can only be a citizen of the Russian Federation, who has reached the age of majority.Each jewelry salon or any other place of gold exchange officer will require a passport.

What gold redeemable

be exchanged only gold of samples: 374, 500, 583, 585, 750 and 999. The products on which the sample is not available and there is no stigma manufacturer, usually taken at a lower cost.

gold to be exchanged in any color, with both domestic and foreign production.

exchange for new gold products are not subject to:

  1. Golden semi-finished products: plates, wires, contacts, gates and various raw materials that contain gold.
  2. precious nuggets.
  3. products for industrial use.
  4. alloys of precious metals.
  5. Industrial raw materials and waste.
  6. Award medals, badges, which contain precious metals.
  7. Semi-finished denture and jewelry production.
  8. Firearms and edged weapons decorated with precious stones and metals.
  9. Gold Coins.

In these cases, the old exchange to the new gold, usually is not carried out.

Where to exchange

exchange of old gold is carried out in pawnshops, jewelry stores and shops.In each case, there are pluses and minuses.Let us consider in more detail the different options for the exchange of gold.

1. Exchange gold jewelry at a pawn shop - in this option the seller will offer to change the product to any customer decoration with the appropriate fee.Using this pathway, do not count on a greater benefit from the transaction.Consultant recalculate gold customer at a relatively low price.As a result, the buyer will have to choose from a cheap jewelry a considerable sum to pay extra.The only advantage of this option, exchange is time-saving.

2. Order of gold jewelry from a private jeweler.In this case, do not make an exchange of gold for jewelry.Jeweler gold products can process customer any possible decorations.The only services that will have to pay - the wizard.At first glance, this option is the most advantageous.But in this case has its pitfalls.The fact that among private jewelers found a lot of scams.Even the recommendation of family and best friends do not always save us from the hands of a swindler.Very often there are situations when the private master jewelry falls into the hands of an experienced jeweler or appraiser pawnshop, it appears that the product is not made from gold.

fact that not all private jewelers have the right to put the test on their creations.For this we need to have a license or contact the state agency that examines the product and finally puts the sample.Therefore, many jewelers are abusing this situation.The only mark that can put all jewelers - own brand.But it almost does not mean anything and does not endorse the product conforms to a certain sample.

Therefore, gold jewelry can be ordered only trusted masters.

Plus this option - possibility to order something original.Disadvantages: high risk of becoming a victim of fraud;not able to get what they ordered, and not in those terms.

3. Ordering on jewelry factory - in this case the principle of operation is the same as in the previous version.Only the client is fully protected against forgery, because the plant must deliver the sample.An important advantage of this option, exchange - lower cost of operation.As for the shortcomings - the customer may not always get the desired result.

most convenient way to share

According to experts, ideal exchange of gold - through a certified jewelry store.Before a client clerk accurately weigh the gold and immediately prompts you to select the amount of this ready-made products with a probe and a guarantee.In the case of exchange of the customer is required to issue a check.This version of the exchange is the most reliable and fast.But in this case, you can become a victim of the cunning count.So, in the description of each product indicate the following parameters: the weight of jewelry with fervor weight (weight of gold that must pass for the exchange) and cost sharing service.The last parameter is the amount you need to pay for all the product.Some stores multiply this value by the weight of the product.