Worker bees are what?

Worker bees are the representatives of the hive, which carry out all the tasks associated with the collection and processing of nectar.However, this does not mean that other family members are inactive or engaged only in that absorb food.In fact, each member in any hive is important, it plays a role, and without the normal operation will fail.

composition colony

composition of the bee family and its unique features within a single hive.Still, there are some data that can be generalized.First, in every family there are three types of bees:

  1. uterus.It developed the female, which is engaged in laying eggs.That is, it is responsible for the increase in the number of bees.
  2. drones.It is the males, the number of which reaches up to several thousand in a single hive.
  3. worker bees.This undeveloped females that collect nectar and other works.

Secondly, each hive all established.There are several areas:

  • place for eggs that the female lays.
  • resting place pupa as long as they do not hatch from Detva.
  • place where stored reserves of honey and nectar.

And thirdly, just the worker bees are also divided by age.Young sent the collection of nectar, elder engaged processing.


queen bee is often regarded as the mother of a large family, his mistress.In fact, this is true, but only partly.The sole function of the female is laying eggs in the comb.For all other tasks, including vital signs, she will not be able to cope.

feed and clean up various types of garbage and waste around the uterus itself can not.And the worker bees are, in this case by some maids.They are engaged in feeding, cleaning and sometimes even transferring the uterus from one cell site to another.

Before the uterus will start its direct obligations, it examines the frame.If it is not enough worker bees cleared, then lay her eggs, she will not.Every year in early March the new queen takes care of the offspring.At best, it can be put to 1,500 eggs per day.It is necessary to create a sufficient number of bees before start to bloom flowers.If this is not done, the family will gather enough honey and cold weather will not be able to feed themselves, leaving die.

Sometimes the queen dies, and then the worker bees lay eggs in the queen cells to several pieces.Of these cells hatch uterus, but only the strongest survive, often one that previously was born.When others are born of the uterus, the first begins to bite, because they her rival.The hive should be only one mistress.If you do not get rid of opponents, the existence of the first is under threat.

Worker bees

worker bees are females, but with undeveloped sexual function.They can only do the cells in the honeycomb, to lay eggs they can not afford.When such a bee is born, it immediately starts to different duties within the hive itself.The work it would take so long until it is completely mature and ready to ensure that fly out of the hive for gathering nectar.

can not give a definite answer to the question of who the worker bees.Who they are in the hive?What kind of work is done?You can list only a few kinds of functions, which are occupied by the representatives of the family:

  • cleaning the hive.
  • Service uterus.
  • Removal of dead birds outside.
  • Maintaining the temperature inside the hive in hot and cold weather.
  • gathering nectar and pollen, its processing, the creation of honey.

The list is endless.In fact, the worker bees never die of old age.They are so wear out the physical work itself, that killed it is because of this.


Although steeped in legend about drone idle life, its existence can be called a rather meager.Moreover, in the process of fulfilling their direct obligations, he is killed, as well as all the bees that sting of losing.

task of drone is not a flight to feed and rest.He is responsible for the reproductive function, albeit indirectly.During the flyby it needs to find a womb unfertilized.After mating, the female developed literally pulls his sexual apparatus.This action becomes the death of the individual.

If the drone did not find the uterus for fertilization, it will be normal to live up to the early frosts.Then, as the hive must be corked, to protect themselves from the cold, all the individuals who do not fulfill any obligations, just take out the outside, where they were also awaiting destruction.Worker bees are thus a kind of executioners, because they would have to clear the family from additional and useless "hungry mouths to feed."

Polymorphism colony

polymorphism called a long process of evolution, during which formed the division of labor between all individuals hive.For example, the uterus has one specialty - egg laying.No more, she can not be held liable.While the family lives alone uterus, its features remain the same.This may be a particular smell, method of collecting honey, winter hardiness, aggression and other factors that are important to family life.Accordingly, if we replace the uterus, and the particular swap.

Worker bees are the main structure of the hive.All activities related to the collection of nectar, care Detva, performed only by them.They are exempt from the obligation to continue the race because simply can not do that.The reproductive system have not been developed.

and the last representatives - drones.It is the males, and their specialization - pairing with a uterus.No more work they did not perform.

It should be noted that each bee colony will normally exist only if the Whole.If you remove at least some type of its inhabitants, life just stops.

birth and development of the working bee

Who are the worker bees?These were individuals in the hive, and what responsibility rests on them?To answer these questions, it is enough to see the development of bee since birth.So, they hatch from female cells, which previously had been placed uterus egg.First, they feed on milk.In fact, it is focused on the development of the uterus, Detva eats what remains.On the third day of the worker bee gets pollen.

On the eighth day of the larvae, the older bees wax delay cell.If you do not, you will be born female is not working, and the uterus.During the next 12 days pupal transformation takes place in a full bee.

After leaving the worker bee cell immediately begins to carry out their work.It can be clean cells, garbage collection, caring for the queen and so on.On day 7, she is ready to to fly from the hive.Now begins the work of collecting nectar and pollen, bee several times daily flies to bring some food.

only entertainment is considered an individual game circled areas.Before going for nectar, a young bee flies in the afternoon to frolic in the sun.It is believed that the more fun to play with young females, the better families of the uterus.The rest of the time until the end of the life of a bee has to work hard and consistently.

Separation work in the hive

If we consider the interpretation of the term "worker bees" on the principle of division of labor, it can be seen are two main types.The first is for young females.It includes:

  • Isolation jelly and wax
  • feeding.
  • Care uterus.
  • structure of honeycomb cells.

all these engaged young bees, which still can not fly from the hive.Their wings have not yet matured enough to travel long distances.

older bees perform work outside the hive.They bring nectar water, pollen and so on.It should be noted that young bees will never do the work of their elders, and vice versa.

Features honeybees

There are plenty of books that will help, if the task is to learn apiarian business, find out what they do uterus, drones and worker bees.Beekeeping for beginners will be quite a complicated process, because you need to know a variety of features and nuances.For example, wax is the most common pot.But even he industrious bees have been used.

beginners hard to understand how many bees is necessary in order to survive the winter.The fact that they themselves can be heated, but only provided that sufficient strength.

Also new beekeepers hard to imagine how several bee hives chooses his.And this is done because of the unique characteristic odor.Only occasionally a bee flies into other people's houses.

word before break his apiary, you need to learn a lot of information, because knowledge of all the details and features can quickly adjust production.

Conclusion Given the sex of the worker bees, we can not forget the main rule of any hive.If you lost at least one structure, family structure becomes incomplete, it can not survive.If you remove the working class, the drones and the queen will die because they can not feed themselves.If you get rid of the males, then fertilization does not occur, and the offspring will not be born.The same thing happens if you remove the uterus.Therefore, one should not underestimate developed female and drones, despite the fact that they carry a minimum duties.