Macromedia Company and its factors

marketing activities designed to help the company to make a profit by providing the production of goods that will be attractive for the consumer.For these purposes, is both external and internal marketing environment.The activities of marketing depends on many factors that influence from outside.This microenvironment of the enterprise, that is, those components that are directly related to the firm itself, and can be controlled from within the company.It is also the macro environment - that is, factors that can not be controlled, independent of the actions of the company, but it may have on its activities unexpected and spontaneous action, like a tsunami.In this regard, it requires a special study of these factors to be able to predict events and to identify threats that could bring the company unexpected disruptions in its operations.

Macromedia Company for its study requires analysis capabilities of the enterprise, the position occupied by the company in the market and market segmentation analysis.Necessary information about the macro environment, independent of the company and it is not controlled, can be obtained from a variety of sources: published documents, information on relevant Internet sites, as well as through the purchase of the respective companies have conducted research.

Macromedia has such a feature that it can not be seen, it can not be affected, but it can be taken into account to predict.These include such factors:

- political, which should take into account the stability of the government, government regulation of business and industry competition, legislative changes.

- economic factors that determine the purchasing power of the consumer, the exchange rate, inflation, unemployment, income, taxation, credit, cost of living and energy prices.

- demographic factors.It plays the role of separation sex and age of the population.It has the value of the population and migration rates.And take into account the division into rural and urban areas.

- Macromedia provides social factor, which takes into account people's attitudes toward work, his position in relation to the state, quality of life, active consumers and others.

- Scientific and technological factors are most able to influence the marketing activities as well as new technologies,constantly appearing in the production, create new markets.In this connection it is necessary to be able to readjust in a timely manner and to develop new methods and more promising products.

All of these factors in combination determine the marketing activities of the company.Before you start collecting information that is macro environment, it is necessary to make a list for a clear understanding of what data to retrieve.Then you need to determine what resources will be used as a source for information.These can be committees on statistics, general economic magazines and newspapers, Internet resources - industry portals, sites of specialized companies that publish reviews of the markets and of the research, as well as portals that sell ready-made research.

Once the necessary information is collected, it is necessary to evaluate the available documents, as you can trust the information contained therein, the authors estimate, create a document and their competence in this matter, while collecting information for its relevance.

Based on the above, it becomes clear that the macro environment and the company and its internal component intertwined in the most direct way and require careful study and analysis.After all, the external environment contains the necessary resources and capabilities to the successful development of the company.And, accordingly, its analysis - a key tool in the marketing activities of the enterprise.