Vaccination against tetanus: side effects, reactions and complications

hard to overestimate the benefits of vaccination against tetanus.One small injection - and the man the next 10 years can not be afraid of infection.Also, it is made for any infection through contact with broken skin.It can occur after an animal bite, or puncture injuries as a result of extensive lacerations.


But there are situations that are not recommended to be vaccinated against tetanus.Side effects can be much more serious than the potential likelihood of infection.

So, should be on vaccination in those cases when a person has been identified intolerance to one of the components of the vaccine or previously had a reaction to a tetanus shot.It can be formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide, thiomersal, tetanus toxoid.

Also, do not vaccinate people with immune deficiency, such as those who have been diagnosed with HIV infection.After the vaccine is necessary to ensure that a person has formed immunity.And at this state it does not.

Temporary restrictions

refuse vaccinations and move it to a few weeks worth of acute illness or exacerbation of chronic diseases.Even the common cold is a temporary contraindication.Particular attention is given to patients with liver and kidney problems.

Routine revaccination is not carried out during pregnancy.If you need to be vaccinated for health reasons, the need for its implementation is determined in conjunction with the obstetrician-gynecologist.For a woman to establish special surveillance.

In acute neurological conditions is also desirable to postpone the date when will be vaccinated against tetanus.Side effects in this case can be more pronounced.

exacerbation of allergic diseases, a diathesis are also temporary contraindications.Coming to the vaccine can be no earlier than 2 weeks after the symptoms pass.If possible, it is best to wait even a month.But it must be borne in mind that chronic allergic condition manifested latent bronchospasm or localized rash on the skin, not the reason for the refusal of vaccination.At the same time you just need to carry out the appropriate therapy.

Possible reaction

be aware of potential problems that cause tetanus vaccination.Side effects after it revealed not all, but it's better to be prepared for possible complications.

also need to know that their appearance suggests that the process of formation of immunity started.But do not worry if you are or after vaccination the child did not bother.It's just the individual response of different organisms that have been inoculated against tetanus.

Side effects can be the following:

- often have redness, swelling and tenderness of the injection site;The reason for this is the influence of a substance designed to enhance the immune response;

- improving overall body temperature;

- confusion or, conversely, irritability;

- gastrointestinal reactions: diarrhea, vomiting;

- severe headaches;

- a marked deterioration of appetite.

All of these complications are fast enough and do not lead to any serious consequences.

Potential complications

In most cases, does not affect the child or adult vaccination against tetanus.Complications occur very often, but they need to know.

Seek medical advice is necessary if the injection site appeared significant swelling.Anxiety should cause spot diameter of more than 8 cm. To severe consequences include:

- the appearance of seizures are not accompanied by elevated temperatures;

- encephalopathy.

last state manifests itself in the form of impaired consciousness and is accompanied by convulsions.Typically, it temporarily.

If the patient had a history of these effects of vaccination against tetanus, no boosters do not do it.

Possible side effects

addition to the above one-time reactions and potential complications that may arise with the introduction of the vaccine, be aware of what else can you expect.

after vaccination in adults and children may appear allergic reactions occur rash, dermatitis and other skin lesions.In addition, at the injection site can begin abscess, lymphadenitis.There have also been documented cases of tissue necrosis.

In addition, some patients complain of a malfunction of the cardiovascular system.After vaccination may appear arrhythmia, angina, palpitations, tachycardia.Muscle spasms and polyneuritis are also considered possible side effects.

Some appear swelling, arthritis symptoms are observed.Some women began complaining about the failure of the menstrual cycle, after they were introduced vaccination against tetanus.Side effects may be expressed strongly enough.In this case addresses the issue of how not to conduct re-booster on time.

Types of vaccines

Currently, each first talking with a specialist can choose what kind of getting vaccinated.The most common DTP considered.It is made in a planned manner to all healthy children vaccinated according to the schedule.It is designed for comprehensive protection against whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus.There are options for both Russian and foreign production.

But indications are doing and vaccinated against diphtheria and tetanus DT.It is recommended in cases where the patient can not enter protivokoklyushevy component.

For adults and children over 6 years of age can use the ADSM.It is a mixture of tetanus and diphtheria toxoids, which are released infectious agents.Prior to administration they are handled in a special way.

In case of danger of infection with tetanus make monovalent speakers.


With the introduction of the vaccine in humans had produced immunity.Vaccination against tetanus for children is included in the planned schedule of immunizations done since 3 months.Therefore, parents who refuse vaccination may not worry and do not be afraid of infection.

When injected into the wound microorganisms (and it happens every time damage to the skin and mucous membranes) may start the infection.Microbes are in a favorable environment for them, are beginning to proliferate and secrete special substances.

they produce tetanus toxin attacks the nervous system and cause painful cramps start.As a result, it leads to respiratory failure, and the patient dies of suffocation.

Modern medicine to cure the power of tetanus in the early stages, at a time when he himself still does not manifest.In other situations, 9 of 10 patients dies.Made a vaccine in time to prevent infection and to make secure contact with the pathogen - clostridia.