How to start an essay on literature?

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works of literature - a problem for today's students.They are trying to solve it in different ways: buying a book with the finished work, are looking for suitable texts on the Internet or ask for help from the parents.Indeed, to write a good essay is not so simple, and it is necessary to learn.

It all starts with the book

Reading the works of the school program - one of the main conditions of successful work on his opus - so it must be an answer to the question "how to begin an essay on literature."Plunging into the world created by the writer and the reader becomes an eyewitness to the events, so his attitude to the characters is formed not on someone's tip in the form of a brief retelling of director's decision or on the stage or in film, and on the basis of personal experience.

And then the description of nature, monologues and dialogues, interiors and portraits help in characterizing and analyzing images of a product, that is, become weighty of literary arguments.

Learning to write an essay in the given parameters

content of the work must be fully consistent with the proposed or chosen topic.This means that you need to understand: what and how to write.For example, if you put the phrase "eternal" questions (ethical, aesthetic, scientific), it is a problem.On why the author puts them that demonstrates this, and we need to talk.How to write an essay on literature "Family values ​​in the comedy" Woe from Wit ""?

problem of relations between parents, children and families in general - ethical.We must start with the definition of family values, and then consider how to relate the play to each other close people (father, daughter, adopted son, aunt, uncle), confirm that the text to conclude the position of Griboyedov and express their opinions.

Besides the problem, often to the works offered comparative (comparison of heroes episodes, works), sightseeing, free, mixed and literary.The latter are the most time-consuming as to write an essay on literature from the perspective of the ideological and aesthetic value of the product should be using terminology analyzing texts describing the characters, proving the uniqueness of the author.

the three pillars on which rests the reasoning

on whatever topic or write an essay, it requires the observance of logic, reasoning and conclusions.Classical structure of such work: introduction, main and final.Planning what will be said in every element of the structure - this is a sound approach to the problem of "how to write an essay on literature."

The introduction should be placed on the problematic issues.The main arguments of the need to respond to them, based on the text and quoting authoritative opinions known critics, writers and scientists.In conclusion, a conclusion on the questions put at the beginning.

Step One - heading

topic on which is written an essay, not a job title.Somehow, in recent years this important and vibrant part of the creative opus becomes unnecessary.And it is the title - the key to understanding the text.It will help in the writing of the work, so it is desirable to take care of before you start writing on literature embody on paper.

to name suitable capacious, bright word (phrase).To do this, witty, with a sense of the answer to "what is the protagonist," "what, or what he looks like."Or pick up a recognizable phrase.For example: "FAMUSOV - respectable family father" or "Woe from Wit - happiness from the heart."

Step Two - updated

most difficult - the first line.But do not come up with an introduction to the works as soon as to anything there.First we need to make relevant, and particularly for the work of the author.This means that he must understand why it turned to the topic that it particularly interesting for him: for example, it is close to the drama of a literary hero, or a problem he considers modern works.

There are two stages of update: projection, and "shade".The first of these has a number of ways that are worth mentioning in detail.

But receiving a "shadow" can be used by those who do not know how beautiful you can start writing the literature.This method is ideal when you want to describe or compare the characters work."Shadow" is obtained by replacing the pronoun on its own behalf.For example, to write about Eugene Bazarov.This method of actualization would be: "He recognized only the mind and science.For him, the man - the king of nature.He was young.Clever.Snooty.But love has destroyed his world.And I killed. "

Home - "projection»

necessary to become a director of the work, to apply this method of entry.For an essay on free themes it fits best.Thus, the projection - a landscape sketches (interior), historical episode, the story of ancient history or the Bible.It is necessary to consider the following example.

Here's how to start writing a sketch."Morning in the forest life starts early.Just daybreak - all sides are heard timid sounds of life.Rustles the leaves, the grass rustle, hrustnet branch, last uhnet bedtime owl.To see it, hear and feel - exciting for the soul.Perhaps this was the dawn of the last five girls in the novel by Boris Vasilyev "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", that is what a painful feeling of home when they were killed.And for that the Russian land such dawns always been. "

How to start an essay on literature with a historical episode, it is best to consider military topics.In reviewing the works of art of the Great Patriotic War can turn to the past."The Battle of Moscow began at Borodino.It was in this battle impudent bravado of Napoleon was broken.Yes, he was a bit "allowed to stay" in white stone, but on the way back in each forest, and in every village of the French waited for "special" welcome the guerrillas.In Russia, unexpected guests do not like. "

For example, how to start an essay on literature, speaking of the early Gorky and his Danko?We can recall the ancient myth of Prometheus, who gave fire to people, knowing that it is waiting for that cruel punishment.Homer's Odyssey will help in the characterization of Ivan Flyagina of "The Enchanted Wanderer" Leskov.

Biblical stories would be appropriate at the start of works on the works of FMDostoevsky, MABulgakov, Aitmatov.

for lazy Introduction

easiest start for the works may be historical information about the time of the events of a literary work or a few facts from the biography of the author.Entry and are rhetorical questions on the topic, which will then be disclosed.If you choose a quote that reflects the essence of the described problems, and it will be a good start.

When we learn to write an essay, you should not forget about personal experience.Based on their thoughts, feelings, experiences and preferences can also be good to start writing.For example: "For a long time I'm looking for an answer to the question ..." or "I always thought that being clever - is the main value of a man ...»

Caution: Errors!

Thinking about the beautiful and clever phrases works, do not forget about the errors that may occur in the text inadvertently.

Examples of compositions on the literature allows to warn about the most common ones:

- the names of the characters in any case can not be changed (Katerina from "Thunderstorm" Ostrovsky is neither Catherine nor Katya);

- also wrong to mention the authors write, "Alexander wanted to show" (or need to Alexander Pushkin, and Pushkin, or just Pushkin);

- need to carefully deal with dates, names of places and events (even a slip of the tongue results in an error);

- citations must be absolutely accurate.

For a successful result it is necessary to learn more and how to write an essay on literature, according to the plan.He organizes thoughts, helps to maintain the logic of presentation, and above all not to leave unsaid no one thought.Of course, the plan best be problematic.And it should be done not in the head and on paper.

And a little advice.Although the epigraph, like the title, is now not included in the compulsory element of the works, though it is not necessary to forget about it.Similarly, selected lines, quotations, aphorisms can become a tuning fork, tunes in to a proper understanding of the position of the author's writings.

And finally.All the work is kept in the same style, it is best suited for this journalistic.It will make writing vivid, imaginative, emotional, but at the same time and strict!