Writing "What is kindness?"

essay "What is kindness?" Wrote many of us.Until now, in the school curriculum in the Russian language and literature students asked him.Of course, this is a very simple theme, and the job is mainly intended for students of junior and middle classes.However, despite this, the work must be approached responsibly.In order to write a good essay on the theme "Lessons of Kindness", you must be aware of some rules.

main theme

first step is to talk about what you need to write.What to tell, talk.The theme is simple, of course, but this is the main problem.For goodness it is different, and what it is to write - is the question.However, it is easy to answer.Writing "What is kindness?" Get interesting if the author is writing about it that excites him.Of course, it is no secret that many blamed today, expounding on paper is not their own thoughts.But to write about kindness is not so difficult, and it is possible to master the work yourself.The main thing - to say what is really in the mind.And then the reader will not only come to the last line, but also, perhaps, will think of something.Because it's always been in the price of the ideas contained as the author feels.Because the way he writes, can not no one else.

a bright sense

essay "What is kindness?" Should be written in simple language and easy.And best of all, if the job will be done in the style of reasoning.Although, strictly speaking, there is no other way out.After all, even in the title of the theme is the question.Accordingly, in the works of the author have to give an answer.And it always involves reasoning, analysis, reduction of various examples of life and comparisons.This - the second difficulty, which contains the writing of this work as an essay-argument on the theme of "Compassion."

can start as follows: "The word" good "we hear almost every day.But, unfortunately, in our time not all behave compassionately toward others.Many even forgotten what - to do good deeds.Why is that?Perhaps because we are becoming harder to think more about themselves, forgetting about loved ones.Few people remember that kindness - it's one of the best qualities of man, which shows his generosity, compassion, and a rich inner world. "Well, maybe it's not too positive line, however, they show our reality to think about and make written.

That will save the world

essay on the theme "Lessons of Kindness" can also get interesting.After reading this work, you get to understand how this relates to the question of the author.And in this work we can give valuable advice, comparing it with an example.This can be done as follows: "A lot of people entangled in themselves want to be kinder.But do not know how to do it.In fact, everything is simple.We must start small.Greet neighbors, thanks to the seller in the shop or the bus driver, smiling companion.Feed the homeless kitten at the entrance, to help bring products to the grandmother at home.Make small, but good deeds.So not only will make a pleasant one, but also feel better.And it's true, when a person does something good for his soul begins to prevail small celebration, because he knows - the day is lived not in vain, and he gave someone the benefit, however small. "

It is also a good example of how the work might look like, "What is kindness?".Everyone chooses what to write.You can speculate about the eternal, or examples of good deeds generous people.Or to give advice to others.In general, a large selection, but the main thing - to write about, which is close to your heart.

structure works

Whether it's a full essay or mini-essay on the theme of "Compassion", it should be structured, in addition to interesting content.This work should have the entry (a small, one short paragraph), the main part (the volume) and a conclusion (the size is the same as the beginning).You can also write an epigraph to the essay (citation matched on the topic), and in the end - a comment from the author.In general - nothing complicated about it, but these nuances is important to remember that the essay turned out not only interesting but also competent.