What is Delhi?

unlikely that in today's world there is a man who does not know what New Delhi.But for those who are not too interested in geography, we have prepared an article about this beautiful city.Let's make a little virtual journey to the mysterious India.

Some general information

So what Delhi really?This is one of the largest cities in India, which occupies the second place (after Mumbai), the main city in the country.It is home to more than thirteen million people, and yet here is constantly visited by many tourists from all over the world.In fact, a settlement located at the Yamuna River in the northern part of the mysterious India - two of the city.One of them - the old - Shandzhahanbad, the former capital of the Mughal.Another - a new town created in the thirties of the twentieth century.It is part of the modern metropolis - Delhi - considered to be the official capital of India.

So, what is New Delhi, we have understood.This is a huge city with a highly developed economy and a high proportion of consumption.Here is the best infrastructure and transport state.Recently, on the outskirts of the capital city is actively developing commerce, manufacturing, media and IT industry, science and education.And the name of the city has very ancient roots: in the 8-9 th centuries ADRajput chieftains ruled here, and the city Dhillika (from the name of it was the word "Delhi") was its capital.

Tourist Delhi

Many travelers come to Delhi.The capital of a country still boasts so many attractions?The city is a real mecca for tourists.It is from here that most of the tour routes in the so-called Golden Triangle.Megacity is full of luxurious expensive hotels, budget hotels.But the savages come here countless people.Their favorite place - Main Street Bazaar, where the focus is the cheapest, but cozy hotel.This street is notable for the fact that here in the sixties hippies flocked all over the world.

capital Delhi is literally full of interesting places to visit is mandatory.The new part of the city is chic shopping centers, shops, hotels, the Parliament building, the luxurious Presidential Palace, the famous India Gate and a wide avenue Radzhpah.Delhi's Old Town - is the temples, statues and, of course, Chandni Chowk - the shopping center, where you can buy the products of silk and precious metals by hand.

Attractions city

What is Delhi, the reader already knows.This is an amazing city, full of antiquity and mystery.The most interesting architectural sights are in the old part of the city:

  • Red Fort.It is amazing in its beauty and greatness of the building built by Shah Jehan.Since it was a royal residence, it is amazingly intricate painted ornaments and richly inlaid.
  • Raj Ghat is famous because it was here that cremated the great political figures, including Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Laxmi Narayan Temple, which is dedicated to the wife of the god Vishnu - Lakshmi, the goddess responsible for love, happiness and wealth.And therefore it affects the brightness of the colors and the refinement of architectural lines.
  • mosque Jama Masjid (built in the 17th century) is the biggest in all of India.It stands proudly on the streets and colorful markets, is still in effect and it is very interesting in terms of architecture.Qutab Minar
  • - a symbol of the Indian capital.Soaring tower was built at the behest of the first ruler of a Muslim Qutab-ud-Din Aibak in the twelfth century.This is the Victory Monument and the most holy Muslim.In addition to the complex said the mosque has several unfinished or destroyed buildings, arcade, Gate, the tomb of the Imam.
  • Iron column.The unique facility is located on the Qutab Minar complex territory, but deserves a separate description.Post a height of seven meters and weighing six tons built 1600 years ago.Made from a unique iron (perhaps a meteorite), the column does not rust and can fulfill desires.For this purpose it is necessary to embrace with both hands, the house back.

pride across India

on its territory many attractions brought together ancient India.Delhi - is its jewel, and her pride.However, there are in the country and other places of interest, which were appreciated by the Foundation, UNESCO and its founders.In India, 31 is an object protected by the organization (as of 2014).Among them, including the famous Taj Mahal in Agra, the fort and caves (Ajanta, Ellora), numerous temples, national parks, parks, Humayun's Tomb, sacred shelter, Buddhist monuments, minarets, archaeological park, mountain railways.Instead of an epilogue

course, familiarity with the mysterious India should begin not with the solar Goa, namely from the capital.With its special flavor, antiquity, architectural monuments of different times, bustling markets and friendly people can not be compared to any other city.See for yourself!