River Siberian shamans

Shamans of Siberia, Australia, America and Africa have retained the magical tradition, whose roots go back to the darkness of the Stone Age.Over the millennia, this ancient knowledge have been brought to perfection, they are astonishingly varied and deep.

Shamans believe that they are able to travel the world of the dead and the sky, attracting spirits allies and expel evil spirits, turn into animals, to find stray souls and return to their owners, healing all diseases.

Shamans have traditionally played the role of spiritual leaders of their tribes and the guardians of traditions that in their rituals come to life and become part of everyday life.

Myths Siberian shamans some of the most interesting and diverse.

If a person overcame anxiety and weakness, if the family pursued a disease or failure, people are invited to a shaman.After a long training and dancing with a tambourine he fell into a trance and began his long journey to the invisible river.

first shaman called the set of helper spirits, without which it could not survive the long journey in the afterlife.As similar to the animals and fish spirits gathered around him, he sat in his drum in a boat and sailed down or upstream, depending on the job.Down by the river was a "Valley of the Dead" and the kingdom of evil spirits, and the upstream path lay to the gods.Meeting with the spirits and the gods, the shaman traded and threatened, and fought conjured begging and asking for his tribe a good harvest and a rich hunting, taking showers at the hostile tribesmen shamans and evil forces.

All of these adventures took place in front of the crowd gathered around: the shaman jumped, writhed and shouted in different voices for themselves and all the creatures he encountered, describing what he sees and hears a loud thinking aloud that he was going to do and why.It was a real theatrical performance.However, none of those present did not take rite as entertainment, because the lives and welfare of many of them dependent on the successful outcome of shamanic "campaign."

Often the shaman did not have to go that far.It was believed that part of the disease, as well as feeling powerless indifference is because the human soul is simply lost in this world.Maybe it has withdrawn, mesmerized by the monotonous sound, the sound of running water or rustling leaves.She might get lost in a dream, lost in the darkness of the way home.Or maybe someone hit a man on the head and the soul lives in her hair slipped, frightened and sped away.Then the shaman found the lost soul, often turns into a bird, and inserted it in place.

All these tales usually cause a smile, but no one can deny that the present day shamans possess mysterious abilities: in a trance they do not work nor cold, nor fire, nor a sharp weapon.They cure hopeless patients and often accurately predict the future.Feeler shamans dance for hours, carrying the heavy iron kilograms fur and amulets.

And today in many places shamans have the same authority as in the past.Then the veil of tales and external effects is something real, some ancient and wise power?

Photo source: img12.nnm.ru