Almost every fifth company is looking for candidates in social networks

Recently, employers are increasingly using social networking sites for recruitment of staff and verification of their personal data.However, while the number of companies that do not use these sites for the purpose of recruitment, still exceeds the number of those who use this modern tool.These results were obtained by the Research Centre recruitment portal, interviewing representatives of Russian companies and organizations from all districts of our country.

interest in social networks does not subside for several years.In addition, from the category of entertainment, many of these sites pass in the category of professional - now use them not only to look for classmates and friends, start dating, upload photos and videos, but also successfully solve professional problems, including those relating to the selection of staff.

To date, the search for candidates using social networks 19% of domestic companies.More 11% of organizations are not only looking, but also to check potential employees through social Internet services.According to the representatives of these companies, private page on the social network can tell a lot about a person's life, their interests and moral principles: "Our job involves working with people, so it is important to understand who we take the team";"Yes, we are actively using social networks and search for more information about the candidates."

Exclusively for validation candidates are using social networks 12% of the companies."In particular, we use the network" VKontakte ";"Sometimes, when we feel that there is a need";"I think that there is nothing reprehensible," - commented on the respondents.

Yet more than half hr-managers (58%) remain indifferent to the use of social networks in order to verify and research staff.His position they are primarily due to lack of time: "If you look for information about all applicants in social networks, it is not enough for the day.And if we judge all the photos in these networks, almost no one will approach ";"It is time-consuming."A number of companies and social networks are banned altogether, so their use is even in the interest of business is impossible: "All social networks are blocked.Explain the leadership that they need to work, it is useless. "

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