The unpunished Destruction of Man

Two years ago, I was a passenger car, which hit a drunk driver, unpunished destruction of man.Prior to that, she worked as chief accountant of the sugar factory of the Bryansk region, is now a disabled group 1.In two years, barely learned to take care of themselves, independently eat, dress, move around the house.The accident occurred on the federal highway Moscow-Kiev.Being drunk driver of a passenger car fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into the car where I sat in the passenger seat.More than forty days spent in a coma, fifteen fractures, more than two months spent in Bryansk regional hospital.In November 2012, in Moscow it was the center of speech pathology and neurorehabilitation.There, with a more complete survey on the modern equipment, the doctors came to the conclusion that I needed surgery on the blood vessels of the brain.Lisa Magazine published my letter with comments psychologist and marked a possible site where I can find fellowship.Almost all colleagues and friends once refused to com

municate with me.In May this year was registered in social networks, where they found the possibility of normal communication.Society's attitude to people with disabilities is quite biased.Find some part time, it is practically impossible, because the treatment is very expensive.People in our society are very prejudiced against people with disabilities.To help the family come until my mother, husband, sister, son.Social Security Fund has pledged a ticket to a sanatorium, but not singled out, but I can not afford to go on instances .Mne 38 years and the life of man is almost zakonchina.It turns out you can with impunity to destroy humans by a car accident.Physical activity, talk with your pets.The face is quite mangled, broken speech, so people prefer not to communicate with me.I live in a pretty small town Lopandino no disabled people with whom I could communicate.Come to the aid only relatives, while you can not give to die.I remember that two years ago I had a normal life, work, travel abroad, the car, now I dream that one day I can walk a few steps down the street and say a word against.Technology certainly stepped forward on the computer I even installed a program that translates text to speech, now the computer is voiced by my voice.Fully felt, otonosheni society to such people, how I can say that the majority are absolutely indifferent to other people's problems.Many watching the news on TV in distant countries, send SMS idelayut pretend that they care about the fate of people, but to go a couple of steps, and no one could help.I used to be more than three thousand people you know, the units which can be counted on one hand supported pltsah, showed interes.Konechno found many who took advantage of the situation to their advantage, or gloated.But recently we lived in a society where taught to help veterans, give way to public transport.We often hear about toughening penalties for drunk on the roads, it is in theory, in practice, no one is safe from the tyranny of a drunk on the roads.The case happened to me with impunity destroy a person.