90% of citizens are not ready to give all to the fullest

More than half of Russians do not seek to protect themselves from the new wave of the crisis.This is the conclusion reached by experts personnel holding "Encore" in the course of the study "Employee motivation: career expectations of applicants."

Of those who still worries about his future, only 10% are willing to work more effectively in the current job.Others prefer to save money or to view new messages about job openings.

working Russians, according to the study, in general tend not to stay in one place.For example, 44% of respondents constantly monitor that offers them more labor market.It is surprising that while the majority of workers - 52% - in the first place as a non-financial motivation when choosing a new job put the stability of the company.

«While in the minds of our employees the concept of" Company "and" employee "does not relate to as a" mechanism "and" part of the mechanism. "Hence, such discrepancies between the expectations of the employer and their own aspirations.So if people in the West tends to stability, it is above all it shows itself, trying to engage in long-term projects, "- says business coach Semen Yelistratov.

Work for Russians - "War of Money»

in the job market in the meantime to 63% of skilled workers is only two or three actual job offer.For 21% of the offer and did the only thing.

«transition to a new job is always associated with certain risks, the proposal - the final stage of the negotiations, but does not guarantee that the employee still linger in the company.There are probation and other supply-WIDE stones.But in an environment where in the same place for him there is no future, and, therefore, a serious increase of salary, you may want to take the risk.The work for the Russians - this is a war for money, but here all good, "- says Simon Yelistratov.

the negative attitude of Russians to say their work and the views expressed by respondents to the survey."Occupation of interest in the case when it is not routine and not specialized.When management is actively encouraging your efforts, flight thoughts and gives you the freedom in this regard.In the absence of the above, even the most beloved profession is bored and apathetic.In this connection, it is possible to love the profession, but not his work ", - says participant in the survey.

The money does not seek only altruistic

Experts believe that intangible factors motivate people especially talented and altruistic.

«I think that the opportunity to do interesting work primarily altruistic motivation and talents from God.Successful people often say that at first they were incredibly curious to engage in some kind of business, and then came the big money.We know examples of very wealthy people who can afford not to work, but doing it is by habit, "- says Head of" Banking and Finance "recruitment agency Penny Lane Personnel Elena Popova.

situation in which workers are not too interested in what they do, due not only to the personal characteristics of each candidate, but the state of the economy as a whole."For the emerging economies, which include Russia, generally characterized by a situation where the main motivating factors are tangible.Our society is still in the stage of active consumption, and all we need right now.In the West, where there has long been a relatively high standard of living, people prefer a more measured pace of work, clearly shifting the balance of "work - life" in favor of the latter, "- says CEO staffing agency Kelly Services Catherine Gorokhov.

Every man for himself

most important motivator material 53% of respondents called unfixed bonus that depends on personal performance.According to the experts who conducted the study, these data indicate the confidence of employees in their skills and willingness to work productively if it leads to an increase in financial compensation.

In second place on the importance for workers - social benefits and tuition, including abroad.We voted for them 48 and 41%, respectively."Of all the extended benefits package most appropriate and necessary - LCA.The rest - a waste of money that can be spent for other purposes.For example, the creation of individual premiums based on the results of the year ", - says participant in the survey.

Jan Pryamilova

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