How to transfer large files over the Internet: basic methods

Sometimes it may seem that there is little reason to understand how to transfer large files over the Internet, as it needs only a limited number of users.This is partly true.But ... it is difficult to describe in words all the emotions when there is an urgent need to provide access to the volume data set, and how to transfer a large file over the Internet - no idea.Of course, you can start reading the relevant articles and forums, but it requires the free time, which, as always, a little.We will tell you about a few ways to solve this problem.Perhaps someone would help.Note that if you need to ensure data integrity, the best way - is to copy data to external media (disk, flash drive) and personally deliver into the hands of the recipient.However, this is not always possible, so you have to learn how to transfer large files over the Internet - via the Web.


hard to imagine a modern computer with no software installed and configured for communication - ICQ, Skype, judgment of Mail_ru and so forth. They provided developers the ability to exchange files between the interlocutors.And, as a rule, you can specify how the file will be transferred - directly between two IP-addresses or the chain "the initiator of the computer - a proxy server - the recipient's computer."In the second case transferred only address where you can download the file.In principle, so it is quite possible to transfer large files over the Internet, however, you must meet certain conditions:

- download and install the program on both computers to communicate;

- register with the selected system;

- authorize the recipient.That is, you need to both men confirmed that they knew each other.

conditions are feasible, but not suitable for everyone.

Specialized services

The second option, which gives an answer to the question "how to transfer large files over the Internet" - is to use a special site that acts as an intermediary between the two parties.

striking example - Just Beamit.Just go to the website of the same name, click the image of the parachute through the conductor and specify the file.Then click will create the link and pass it to the addressee.After that, he can download the file through a browser or a rocker.Since the service is in transit, the initiator must wait until load reaches 100% covenant.

Also popular service "Disc" by Yandex and Google.But with too much and they can be difficult.

Special program

In our opinion the best solution on how to transfer a large file over the Internet, is a small free utility - HFS (HTTP File Server).In how to work with her, to understand even a schoolboy.

After running a window, divided into two parts.From the conductor using the technique Drag & amp; Drop overtighten the desired file in the left part of the HFS.On top there is a line similar to the browser.Copy the path and report it to the recipient.That's all - you can download.

Feature - some firewalls in complex anti-virus applications can block the program access to the network.It is necessary to bring it to the exceptions and more problems will not be.