What kind of flowers to plant in a cemetery to adorn the grave

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In our country made to honor the dead: to care for the graves, come on certain days to the dead, to decorate the last resting place of the dead.That is why many people seem important information about what flowers to plant in a cemetery that it was not only beautiful, but also appropriate.


Before decorating the grave, is defined with which the cemetery land: black soil, sand, clay - and how much there is a sufficient amount of sun.It may depend on the choice of what kind of flowers to plant in a cemetery, because some of them can grow without problems in the shade, grow without water, etc.Also, do not buy rare and high-quality plants, they can just dig, people today do not like fear.


choosing which flowers to plant in a cemetery, you should pay attention to those who are self trailing on the ground and create a beautiful green carpet.These plants include periwinkle, which blooms with beautiful blue flowers from the very beginning of spring, and in July pleased with the bright green juicy.The advantage of this flower is also the fact that it completely puts the growth of weeds, giving the grave a beautiful, well-groomed appearance.The downside may be that this plant can crawl and the neighboring areas from which relatives of the people who are buried at the nearby graves, may be far from enthusiastic.


also good to put flowers on the grave, which grow beams.Such as, for example, an iris or narcissus.By the way, it is considered the first flower of mourning, so it is very appropriate to be in the cemetery.To put such beams should be close to each other, that there was no sight of land.Blooming plants like about the period from early spring to late May.

Flowers in the world

Choose what kind of flowers to plant in a cemetery, you can also according to the traditions of different peoples.So, the Germans put on graves calendula, as translated from their language means "flower of the dead."In addition, this plant will never wither, giving the impression of unending afterlife and eternal memory of the dead on the ground.In memory of the fallen soldiers of the inhabitants of Germany decided to plant ornamental sunflowers.The Greeks considered the symbol of sadness pansy, iepansies.And the Old Russian tradition says that should be planted on the graves of strawberries, but it is allowed to eat only birds.It is believed that they bring the plant to a tasty berries dead.

favorite flowers

choosing what to plant flowers on the grave, it is possible to pay attention to what is like the man himself.And in deference to put it your favorite plant of the dead family member.But again, it is worth considering the extent to which they are whimsical care.For example, roses are unlikely to take root scarce cemetery grounds, and grave will look poor and untidy.


Decide what colors to put on the grave, we can think about a small bush or tree that can also decorate the shelter of the deceased.Thus, for example, it is well accepted in the cemeteries of arborvitae, juniper, birch or aspen tonkostvolaya.But do not plant large trees at the graves, because they let deep-rooted and often spoil sites, making it impossible to be buried next to another man.