The state in the political system

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as a legal phenomenon is considered the state in a variety of ways.It examined in connection with the historical process of formation of civilizations or as the main tool of education associations of people.But at this time the most important point of research scientists and practitioners is to study it within the political system.

state in the political system seems pivotal element.To understand this, it is necessary to examine the concept of the role and, in addition, in place of the state of the structure.

concept and place of the state in the political system and

political system can be represented by a special structure having both vertical and horizontal construction (depending on the ratio of its elements).So, in her can be included civil society, political parties, non-governmental organizations and, in fact, the state.The main function of the system is to provide access to the management of the processes occurring within a country and abroad.In this case, the conclusion may be true - the place of the state in the political system can be described as dominant.

What explains this thesis?The answer is simple: those features that has as an element the state of the system.And they are:

1. The special status - the people's interests can be represented in the international arena only to the state apparatus, which is caused by the presence and operation of the phenomenon of "sovereignty".

2. Special powers, consisting in the fact that the state has the right to only acts that regulate all aspects of life on a specific, clearly defined area.

3. Special "legal apparatus of coercion", which guarantees the existence and operation of the first two characteristics, namely the presence of the army and of the protection of the domestic legal order.

Many lawyers give extra features, but as a rule, they merely make presented issues.

Based on the foregoing, it follows that the state in the political system is actually in a dual position.First - this is an important element without which the system can not exist.And, second, it is especially presented above clearly indicate that it is on the top of "political pyramid", which causes his role.

role of the state in the political system

Exploring is what responsibilities come in a variety of his legal status as a major party political system, we can not define the totality of the system.So, in this phenomenon, in addition to the state apparatus, naturally include political parties and non-governmental organizations, the main "cells" which are the citizens of the country.For the establishment and operation of these entities is necessary to operate the special rules to effectively build and manage political relationships.This is the main role of the state in the political system.

Most countries prefer to observe at least the formal separation of power in the country into three main types - the legislative, judicial and executive.And all these "branches" make it possible to carry out the construction of the political system.Thus, the legislature, on the one hand, the issue normative acts regulating relations in the framework of the existing system.And on the other - it is a goal towards which plagued the party and non-governmental organization.

state in the political system effectively uses and executive power.On the one position, it has the ability to monitor the performance of other actors regulations, and on the other - the executive body of the country is in fact an expression of the interests of its citizens.

Here it is worth noting that, unlike the first two, the judiciary has one, but clearly defined function - to resolve disputes between the parties of the political system.

As you can see, the state in the political system plays a very significant role.And despite the fact that these two can not be interchanged thing without a state can not exist, and the political system, asthe other actors actually depend on it in a variety of ways.