How to whiten nails: An easy way for home

great manicure - it's not just beautiful.Healthy and well-groomed nails always attract attention to his mistress, and are an essential attribute of every self-respecting woman.And it's not just about expensive shiny lacquer that perfectly matches the color of the lipstick.Any homework, unfortunately, harm the health of nails, which significantly affects their appearance.The main problem of all lovers to experiment with nail polish - yellow tint plate.He can and must be fought.It's time to learn how to whiten your nails at home with the help of improvised means.

chief assistant in this unpleasant situation - lemon juice.It is this caustic liquid is able to return your marigolds natural beauty and whiteness.But treatments using lemon should be done regularly.Otherwise, the nails will remain with a yellow tinge.Do not forget to take care of them every day for 3 weeks.So, how to whiten your nails with lemon juice?Cut the sour fruit in half.Take one of them, and insert the tip of the nail into the flesh.Keep them well for about 2-3 minutes.Done!It is not necessary to increase the time of the procedure, as lemon juice can cause irritation of the cuticle.If you recently made a manicure, it is necessary to wait a little bleaching.This procedure also helps to strengthen and nails.

Lemon - is not the only assistant.How to whiten nails using sea salt?This method is also very simple and you can use them at home.Arrange your marigolds nice warm bath.For this you need a small container.Fill it with warm water and add a couple of tablespoons of sea salt.It can be bought in any perfume shop or in a drugstore.If you do not know how to whiten nails such elementary means, then everything is quite simple.The salty liquid fingers should hold about 15 minutes.During this time, your nails will get a real boost of useful elements that will put them on a white background.If you wish, you can add in the tub, and a few drops of essential oils.Lemon juice also does not hurt.A few days will see the result.

Another excellent bleaching agent for nail - hydrogen peroxide.Perhaps it is in any home.In the worst case, to get the peroxide will have no difficulty.It is necessary to prepare a solution of proper concentration.You will need a 3% hydrogen peroxide and a little glycerin.All this must be mixed in a ratio of 1/5.Apply to get funds to the nails and hold for about 2 minutes (not longer).Rinse with warm water and peroxide is necessary.Thereafter, it is recommended to clean your nails with a soft polishing sawing.Keep the tool in use do not fall on your skin.

If you have no time to use this advice, then visit the beauty shop.There certainly exists a special whitening nail polish.Its use is very simple.As a rule, all the details of the application are described in detail in the instructions.Pay attention only to the products of famous brands.Do not buy a product if its packaging is damaged or has been previously opened.Only in this case, you can avoid purchasing low-quality goods.