How to respond to a compliment?

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How often do you praise?And what is your reaction?Sometimes a man does not know how to behave in similar situations, how to respond to a compliment.Not everyone can calmly and with dignity to accept them.And often it turns out that we do not get pleasure from praise or pleasant words in his address, and the source is also upset.

Compliments can also be obtained from colleagues and from friends, and even strangers.When communicating, always responding to them.The only exceptions are cases when a person is unpleasant to you, and you do not want to communicate with him at all.In such a situation is allowed to ignore what he heard.

How to respond to a compliment to a man?

There are several reasons that hinder adequately respond to praise and enjoy it:

1. Man thinks that they are trying to manipulate in this way.

2. He is not interested in the opinion of the one who made the compliment.

3. Man thinks it will connect it with some obligations.

4. He believes that does not deserve praise.

5. Finally, people just do not like being the center of attention.

If you properly respond to praise, then over time it will be much less.It is therefore important to know how to respond to a compliment in a particular situation.I did not have to invent.Usually the word "thank you" and a smile will be enough.You can say nice words in response.In no case do not make excuses and do not go into details.It is not necessary to tell the other party that such a beautiful dress you bought on sale, or to paint all the complexity of its acquisition.It is unnecessary details.But the phrase "nothing special", "not so me and goes," "I do not think so" talking about your low self-esteem, and it does not allow you to have fun and full joy of praise.

It is important to know not only how to respond to a compliment, but also how to say it.From skills glorification it depends very much, for example, if your date will take place again.Shy people do not pronounce the compliments showered Lovelace of all women in a row (without sincerity).Neither one nor the other is not an option.Really nice sincere compliment - it's not an exaggeration, but the conviction of man.

Even the most pleasant can be unpleasant, if you overdo it.So here it is an important measure, as well as tact and respect, because it should be noted that you can own frivolous inappropriate phrases confuse humans.

According to statistics, almost all women appreciate their ability to perfectly compliment the look and combine household chores and work and to remain surprisingly attractive and young.According to the ladies, loss of speech by their beauty - it's the best compliment.But the most beautiful compliments with a hint of intimacy is not all pleasant.Many women find their selfish.

We all feel the need for gentle words, it helps to feel the attention and interest to themselves, support us confidence.

make a truly beautiful, exquisite, delicate and elegant compliment - is an art.But the main thing - to say nice words from the heart, and about what - is not so important!