The Acting Head of the Kindergarten: Possibilities and Limitations

Duties managing any institution, including kindergarten, suggest to ensure the stable operation of the team of employees in the period of the presence of the head in the workplace, and during his absence.Absence may be short term, it does not require the appointment of another person to perform the duties of the head (the departure of the superior organization, to a meeting with the founder, or to sign contracts for the supply of the institution with food, toys or medicines).And there may be long-term, when the order of the head is appointed acting head of the duration of his absence (at the next holiday, business trip, illness or internships).

In its place is usually appointed head of the senior tutor, Methodist or deputy head of educational work.In today's all kindergartens - here the same position, but having different opportunities during the performance of duties head of the kindergarten.If the Acting Director was formerly a senior teacher, then move it to the new position he will be financially disadvantageous, t. To. Its qualification category applies only to the performance of his position as a kindergarten teacher.In the performance of their functions Head of the payment is made without qualification category, unless the senior tutor has not passed the certification of two posts in the institution: an educator and manager.The most favorable option - if the acting head would carry out its work without exemption from the work on the basic positions, t. E. Will be formalized internal moonlighting.This variant is more common, t. To. Article 151 of the Labour Code establishes in this case, the unlimited terms of service, while at full replacement in positions such performance is possible for a period not exceeding one month.This is beneficial for educators, t. To. The duration of their holiday - at least 36 working days.

to face in the post of deputy head of the kindergarten no such problems.He usually has a qualification category manager, and its functional responsibilities laid line that Vacation leader was he - acting, with all the rights and duties of his superior.It may be for the same period removed from their immediate duties of educational work.

If the deputy head of the works in the preschool part-time, whereas in order to take office manager, he should take a holiday in the main job for the same period (Art. 347 of the LC RF).Restrictions on the activities defined in its article.TC 345, which regulates the work of part-time working only half the time at a specified position.Thus, part-time worker - a worker who acts as the head of only half.

If for some reason the deputy could not do the work of the head during his vacation, then acting director appointed by the founder of the number of internal employees with experience in the office, or on this deadline was adopted by the people.Information workers have no right to sign documents of a material nature, for that is not composed a separate authorization from the head of the institution.In the absence of a power of attorney, but need to contract, acting head has the right to inform the absent employee of the transaction.That, in turn, must appear at the appointed time for the signing of the documents on your workspace.

Acting Director during the absence of the head has the opportunity to demonstrate to the founder of their potential in the field of governance, which can be an incentive and a reason for granting him the vacant post of head of another preschool.