How to entertain the girl of his dreams

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question of how to entertain the girl asks himself, almost every guy.It does not matter where, when and how you found overwork his one, the main thing is that you now need to hold her back.And because the girls - being gentle and fragile, but at the same time is very capricious, the plan need to consider the possible entertainment from A to Z.

So please modern girls is difficult, and surprise them and it's difficult, but still need to try.After all, what kind of a man, if you just throw up their hands!

Plan A - restaurant

If your financial situation is quite stable, and you will find a large amount of money, then certainly for a date with a girl choose a chic restaurant.So you act, no doubt, will create an excellent first impression of yourself.But remember that she is unlikely to be considered as your money, and be prepared for the fact that you have to order the most expensive dishes and least expensive drinks.Therefore, the question in this case is not sound "How to entertain a girl?" And "How much fun would cost?".

Plan B - a cafe with a "zestĀ»

If your financial resources are not sufficient for a hike in a luxury restaurant, invite a lady to the institution of a lower class.Let it be a cozy cafe.Today, the choice of these institutions is so great that it can be among the many "gray" cafes to choose any special, with a "twist."But keep in mind, "zest" to be pleasant.

And most importantly - the interest of the girl, she ordered what dish.Do not try to impose your favorite pizza or your favorite beer.But at the same time did not persuade it to order the most expensive dish to show you how cool and generous.Do not use excessive force to surprise the girl.Be yourself.After all, darling laugh this behavior you exactly succeed, but to fall in love ...

Plan B - the nature, barbecues and tennis

If none of these options is appropriate, and the question of howWoman entertain, remains relevant, think of active holidays.Connect a little imagination.If the weather holds, ask your passion countryside trip or a picnic.In addition, joint barbecue will help you find topics for communication, which will not be as concise and limited as in a restaurant or cafe.

You can also play together in tennis.Ironically, often girls prefer leisure dinner at the restaurant.

Plan D - a romantic dinner with your hands

No woman can resist the invitation to the dinner, which will prepare their own guy.After all, that women could be more pleasant than a man in an apron, which is struggling to prepare for her the most delicious dish!And there is not even so important, as it will turn out, the main thing - attention and diligence.But still try to cook something really good to eat.This will give you a better chance.And do not forget the romantic music.

In general, the basic ideas on how to entertain the girl suggested above - it's just a start.Then connect the imagination and listen to the wishes of his lady.Good luck to you!