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Charlie Chaplin is considered one of the most honored filmmakers in the world.It has repeatedly been awarded prestigious prizes in the field of cinema, its has consistently bring in lists of the greatest actors in the history of cinema.On the grand popular actor speaks eloquently of the following amusing incident.

In those days, when a trip on the subway is not stigmatized celebrities, the great comedian Charlie Chaplin once went to the New York subway.Upon arriving home, Mr. Chaplin was surprised to find that in his pocket somehow miraculously appeared someone's gold watch.

some time to break his head over how expensive this thing could get to him in his pocket, and did not find the answer to this question, the actor has decided to hand them to the police station.And the next day the mystery explained.The postman brought Chaplin anonymous letter.

"Dear Mr. Chaplin! - The letter says. - He writes you a professional pickpocket. Yesterday on the subway, I pulled out of his jacket pocket excellent gold watch. But then I saw the train you and put the watch you in your pocket, so he decided to make a gift... '.

Despite all the efforts of the New York police, the search vorovitogo Chaplin fan failed.Proved inconclusive and the search for the owner of the stolen gold watch.Therefore truly Solomonic solution seemed the police to return the ill-fated watch Charlie Chaplin.

Because of their non-triviality of this story was widely publicized in the contemporary press.As a result of hype in the media raised the famous actor received another letter in which he also had no name or address of the sender.

"Dear Mr. Chaplin! - Just like Robin Hood of the subway, began his letter to the sender. - About a year ago I went to the New York subway, and I stole a gold watch. I was very indignant about this, but nowwhen I read that a pickpocket gave them to you, I want my watch were you, Mr. Chaplin. And since I am also a great admirer of your talent, then send it to watch and a gold chain. "

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