Pricing Strategies in Marketing

In order to develop a pricing strategy in marketing you need to consider consumer demand.There are strategies in terms of the price of new products, "the average market price", "cream-skimming" price "penetration".According to the degree of price changes in marketing vydelyayut ctpategii following: "ctabilnye original price," "ckolzyaschaya padayuschaya tsena", "poct pponikayuschey tseny."Po ctepeni differences tovarov potpebitelckih original price and you can select the following strategy: "diffepentsiatsii original price nA vzaimocvyazannye tovary", "price discrimination", "tsenovyh lines."Pricing strategies in marketing are to determine the principles of the formation of new prices for new things.

"skimming" is essentially a temporary increase in original price.His goal - IT maksimizatsiya profits.The main preimuschestvom this pricing strategy in marketing yavlyaetsya that allows vozmestit It went hand in marketing raskhody for korotky time and vysvobodit kapital.Nedostatok strategii this is verily that its competitors privlekaet vysokaya price not davaya while vremeni this company to consolidate in the market.

Strategiya "proniknoveniya prices."Its basis is zanizhenie commodity prices.His goal is to zahvat marketingovoy massovogo market.Preimuschestvom strategii considered this decline privlekatelnosti market to competitors, thereby giving predpriyatiyu preimuschesvennoe zakrepleniya time to market.Nedostatkom him that there sereznaya problema price sohranenii sizes akkupirovannogo market later povysheniya.

strategii The basis of pricing in marketing, which is called "srednerynochnye price" is vypysk novyh tovarov the price sredneotraslevoy.Marketingovoy goal is ispolzovanie already is there polozheniya Preimuschestvo - spokoynaya konkurentnaya situation.A nedostatkom - trudnaya identifikatsiya goods.

2. Change The STRATEGII PRICES.After deystviya pervonachalnyh price in a certain period of time, there neobhodimost their izmenenii, due izmeneniem market conditions or other reasons.

advantage of the strategy of "price stability" is a relatively high income., And the disadvantage is that the company should always have a certain reserve, in case of need to be able to reduce costs as much as possible while trying to maintain the existing level of quality.

Strategy is "moving falling prices" is the gradual decline in prices after the initially selected segment is filled.Its advantage is the strategy that due to buyers with a relatively low level of income and the consequence is an increase in the size of sales the firm can achieve time-based market expansion.

Marketing Strategy aim "increase penetration rates," is to use the existing provisions, in other words the preservation of the achieved market share.The disadvantage is the difficulty of raising rates after lowering.

3. STRATEGY price differentiation.Differentiate multiple pricing strategies, which are based on the use of trade and consumer differentiation as the basis of decision-making: Strategies discriminating prices related products, price discrimination and price lines

concentrated marketing strategy.Its essence is to concentrate all the resources and marketing efforts of the company are involved in one market.Concentrated marketing strategy for companies with few resources makes it possible to compete successfully with the big companies already specialized markets.However, if the company uses this method, it begins to depend on its strong segment in the case of adverse events it can dramatically worsen the situation of the company.

So we studied the pricing strategy in marketing, concentrated marketing strategy also familiar with the term "marketing strategy and tactics."