What is quinoa?

Quinoa is a miracle rump, which impresses with its amazing properties, and by the way, is an ideal component of a daily diet!

What is quinoa?

Quinoa - a rice quinoa, which is an annual herbaceous plant that belongs to the genus goosefoot.Quinoa has quite ancient origins, in addition, quinoa has long been considered one of the most important food of the Indians.The civilization of the Incas quinoa is one of three most important products, such as potatoes and corn.

substantial part

In Quinoa contains more protein than any other grain crops - priblizitelno16,2%.For example, compare: rice contains - 7.5%;millet - almost 10%;Wheat - 14%.Draw your own conclusions!

As for the composition of quinoa, then we can say that it is close to the composition of milk proteins (consisting of Quinoa can also be found methionine and cystine), and amino acids is well balanced.In addition, quinoa also incorporates and carbohydrates (38%), fat (5%), cellulose (62%) and a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.

Features quinoa

main distinguishing feature of quinoa is that it takes the taste of food with which it is prepared.This is what caused the whole range of its wide use - used for salads and all kinds of dishes, to desserts and cereals, etc.By the way, even made from quinoa flour, baking is then applied those or other products.Those who are still afraid to try this amazing rump, say that quinoa has a very light, delicate texture and mild grassy flavor.

few tips

• To the flavor of the finished quinoa was even more refined and pleasant, it is recommended that pre-frying in butter or vegetable oil, ordinary (but you can do without oil).

• Quinoa is very perishable and gets an unpleasant taste, so it should be stored in a refrigerator and only very briefly.

And finally I would like to note that at the present time in Russia quinoa, unfortunately, rare.So if you really do get to see her in the sale, purchase it immediately without thinking for a minute!It's worth it!

salad with quinoa, beets and cheese

Take 125 ml of quinoa, beets, 100g feta cheese, 3 pen green onions, olive oil.Boil with salt cereals in proportion 100g quinoa glass of water, boil the beets separately, allow to cool products.Onion, cheese and beets cut into small cubes, add the barley salad and season with olive oil.

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