Archivist Profession: who he is and what he does?

Each company has its own documentary archive, which requires careful systematization and control.Some important materials (personal files, movies, orders) have a fairly long shelf life and it is important that all valuable information is properly packaged in folders, had inventory dates.It takes it to a person, if necessary, can quickly find the requested work.This issue requires a responsible, diligent and correct approach.It will help to cope with the difficult work of a professional archivist.Who is it?Valuable professional engaged in the conduct of the entire archive of the enterprise is responsible for the safety and security of each paper.

Interesting facts about the profession

Archaeologists have repeatedly found during excavations of ancient literature, which have been collected in a special way.Similar findings were found in Assyria, Greece, ancient Egypt and Rome.In the annals it was clearly stated on the methods of conducting all the valuable materials.The presence of such premises, which contains important documents, evidence of the high culture of the society.Archives are necessary for us not only to preserve the memory of past events, but they also represent a kind of database application and scientific.

In those years, when the country was led by a great leader of the proletariat VILenin, in all public institutions had a clear organization of documents.Be archived material nationalized estates, monasteries, churches, as well as cases in which information is stored about the great folk artists, scientists, composers.Destruction of such archives prosecuted.For the safety of all the materials should be one person - archivist.Who's that, you ask?Irreplaceable public face of any institution.


engaged archivist systematization of all internal and incoming materials that came out of the document.It is also responsible for compliance with the conditions, rules and regulations of storage.The duties of the archivist include: correct registration of incoming and outgoing documents, compiling descriptions, conducting the accounting bases, marking lists, issuance of certificates and placing information on special racks.Today, large enterprises almost all the work is done electronically, but the really important materials to be long-term storage, further printed on paper and sent to the archive.

course, automated database much faster and easier to work and search, but the technique has the ability to break down and fail, that is why in order to avoid the loss of all data needed archives.Participates in the commissions for the destruction and cancellation of obsolete documents archivist.Job also involves monitoring the fire safety facilities.

requirements and quality

Take on the job can a person with a higher (or student) education, which disaccustomed in "archiving", "History", "pedagogy".Sometimes the necessary skills to get the special rates.Future employees must know the PC (office software), be able to work with equipment (copier, fax, printer), own written and oral diploma.

carefully, perseverance, analytical mind and scrupulous archivist should possess.Who invented it and what are due to requirements?Throughout the day, an employee is faced with a huge amount of information that should be read, register and determine its shelf life as listed in the document.In this case, requires careful, perseverance, self-control, development of thinking, patience and fine motor skills.Not all people are able to daily prodelyvat monotonous and painstaking work.

Salary archivist

Remuneration depends on the region, the financial health of the company and the scope of responsibilities.To date, the average salary is in the range of 20-35 thousand rubles.More than 40 000 rubles.gets seasoned with years of experience archivist.Who and what he did, it was described above.Occupation is sufficient demand, it's just called a little differently - the secretary or clerk.