How to edit PDF-files

lot of documents that users must use in their work, have to PDF.Very decent of them from those used on the Internet, created, transmitted and stored in this format.Among its main advantages may be noted the correct display of the document.A file created in this format will be displayed exactly as you created it.The operating system and the program in which it is open, it does not matter.

program to work with this type of files is more than enough.On view there is no problem.But how to edit PDF - the answer is not for everyone.In fact, everything is not so bad.Today we look at how to edit PDF-files, what software is best in this case to use.

There is a certain stereotype: Unfortunately, PDF-files for viewing only, regular means to change and edit them fail, the program for that expensive and inaccessible to most users, how to edit a PDF-File is known only to professionals.

appearance of this stereotype in many ways contributed to the program to work with this type of files: for the most part it's just viewers.Change the text, the structure of the document, insert or delete specific images or fragments of such programs can not.In addition, at the time these programs were exclusively paid.This does not contribute to the popularity of the format, especially for our customers.

Let's see that in this matter is true, but not quite.In the beginning, indeed, all the software for PDF-documents were only paid.Format PDF - the brainchild of the company Adobe Systems.Software works can be purchased from her the same.The picture began to change for the better when Adobe released a free program Acrobat Reader.Despite its bulkiness and low speed, and today she is in demand among users who need to use all the features of PDF.

All 100% capacity is sometimes simply not needed.In this case, it makes sense to consider alternative software.They are capable of how to edit PDF-files and simply open, view or print.Fortunately there are plenty to choose:

1. Foxit Reader - one of the most popular free program for working with PDF.Quickly, not chewing on system resources, minimum space (1.5 MB) and maximum enjoyment.View the document, the ability to add comments and print - these tasks Foxit Reader handles flawlessly.Knows how to delete pages from a document or add a page from another PDF files.

2. STDU Viewer - In addition to viewing and printing the contents of the document can be exported to a text file that is useful for further work on the text of the document.If necessary export not only text but also graphics fragments.

3. Cool PDF Reader - program is small (less than 1 MB), but with a very decent functionality.In addition to viewing and printing can convert PDF files to JPG, GIF, TXT, BMP, EMF, EPS, PNG, WMF.The highlight of the program - the ability to display PDF to slideshow mode.

4. PDF-XChange Viewer - view to change the font and size of the images, changing the document (you can add your own stamps, text, pictures), export to text or graphic formats.

of the paid software can be noted and Foxit PDF Editor Infix PDF Editor.These two characters can greatly expand the range of tasks as edit PDF in this case can have a replacement of the contents of the document.For the "home use" their capacity is more than enough.

question arises: how to edit PDF-files into full and free?Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW are not always accessible to ordinary users.The price and complexity of the programs a little scare.

for professionals and amateurs became available a full-featured graphics editor Inkscape.Experts consider it a full replacement of paid "monsters."It is a powerful and handy utility for working with vector graphics.How to edit PDF?For Inkscape is not a question.Easy, comfortable, with a full feature set for any task.And what is especially pleasing, absolutely free.