Medical representatives: the basic obligations and sample resume.

In modern Russian pharmaceutical market to date, qualitative changes, there is an active growth.Due to the introduction of new technologies for the production and promotion of products by domestic producers increased their competitiveness.

If Characterize the process that occurs in the market, we can say that small companies absorbed by larger, consolidated and integrated stronger, and there is increased interest from foreign companies.

replaced by a simple pharmacy come large network of pharmacies, united by a single structure, pricing and marketing policies, centralized control.Very often, pharmacy chains are behind the strong wholesalers.

What experts are most in demand?

Along with the ongoing changes and increasing demand for highly skilled professionals who work in the marketing and promotion of various drugs: experts, leaders in these fields, experts in marketing and advertising, and so on.Increasingly, there is a need for specialists to conduct clinical trials and drug registration.It became the greater the need for production workers: first of all it is pharmacists who control the quality and technology.In addition, getting a higher level of requirements for the professionalism of staff.Requirements that apply to professionals to promote, largely depend on the group of drugs, as well as their sales and promotion schemes.

Thus, if the product manager to market the drug derived from a range of pharmacy, he must know well the specifics of marketing and advertising, which will be aimed at the target audience, which is the end-user.If we talk about the progress of preparations of the hospital group, which are very expensive and rarely used, it will focus on the peculiarities of working with opinion leaders.

In comparison with other sectors of the market, the industry has an extremely dynamic, high technologies, which require continuous improvement of the professional qualification of its competence.

experts to promote products should engage in research opportunities for the spread of new drugs, to co-ordinate research on the product, follow the primary positioning them in the market and so on.

There is another profession - a medical representative.Let's talk about it further.

How to become a medical representative?

most in demand in the labor market today is the occupation "medical representative."Unfortunately, it can not be taught in any of the universities.These professionals play a very important role for the promotion of production and marketing are the backbone of the industry pharmacology.For the reason that pharmaceutical companies are prohibited from selling their products directly to patients and doctors, and they have no right to use the media, there is a need for a network of medical representatives in order to carry out the work with the doctors and medical institutions.

What good profession?

It is thanks to the policy implemented by medical representatives of companies that are engaged in the promotion of drugs to doctors heard all the information, answer questions, and also carried out consultations on the use of drugs and their characteristics.After the doctor meet with a medical representative, he may prescribe medication to a patient, which is sure to come to the pharmacy to buy it, and she, in turn, will make an order with a distributor that will appeal to the manufacturer.To understand how effective is the work of medical representatives, is possible only by studying the dynamics of the demand for a certain time.

Medical representatives are persons companies and, of course, they must have excellent communication skills, the ability to believe and confidently use technology of active sales.But this requirement is not currently very much taken into account.This can be explained by the fact that the need for people with such a profession is constantly increasing, and the huge number of people, and even with experience, appear simply nowhere, so learning takes place directly from any medical representative.Resume front of the device is required to be filled in advance to the employer to show their achievements or that they are still there.

What are the chances of getting a job?

To date, professionals with diplomas pharmaceutical universities, have exactly the same chance of getting a medical representative, and many doctors.Of course, it's hard not to notice the fact that even trained professionals much easier to delve into the emerging problems in colleagues, but precisely for this reason the selection and further training, which is produced by the representatives, employers paid so much attention.It is mandatory to examine the summary (sample) medical representative of other companies, make their personal, and then you can figure out whether you approach such a position.

What could be the undoubted advantages?

certainly important large circle of friends in the professional field, which may be at the beginning of your customer base.Should use every opportunity to expand its ties with colleagues from other pharmacies district or city.

Even the absence of your own car and driver's license can be a negative point: some companies do not provide transport.Keep in mind that the duties of a medical representative include: rise as early as possible, and with heavy bags in which a lot of different brochures, leaflets and samples to pass about ten seats per day.When traveling by public transport you are just wasting your time.Therefore it is necessary to find a way and pass the necessary training.An excellent book is "Guide medical representative" (Spiders), so it should be read carefully before you get a job in any organization.


How much gets medical representative?Reviews of this work in two different ways, but when it comes to wages, then today in the labor market has been a gradual and steady growth.

requirement for medical representatives work in a foreign company is a foreign language, as well as desirable to own specialized vocabulary.

How can I get an interview?

Before you sign up for a job interview, you need to create a good resume, you should use a few tips that will get the job done.

First of all, be sure to check out the company's products, which you want to get a job.Find out which of the drugs in pharmacies offers exactly this company.You can also use the directory in which also indicates the entire range.

sure to read the history and tradition of the company.Always very nice to talk with someone who has specific knowledge.Be sure to show that you are on the future work, understand its meaning, and are always ready to learn.

With such a wealth of knowledge certainly worth taking a positive attitude that will certainly be one of your main trump card, and feel free to go to the interview a medical representative.

Education Company

Too often firms are hired recently released from medical universities who have no experience of sales.Job Medical sales is primarily aimed at selling products.For this reason, one of the components work with the staff is trained, the more so under the current economic situation it is allocated more funds than before.The fact is that an organization that cares about the future of their staff, often prefer to educate him than the result from some side.

should carefully study the "Manual of medical representatives" (spider), because it describes in detail all features of this profession.

task facing the teaching - to consolidate medical representatives have successful communication skills (how to establish a fast and friendly contact to get the ability to listen to the interlocutor, to explain the benefits, analysis of non-verbal signals, to publicly present the products, and so on).

theoretical part is reduced to the bare minimum, since the former doctor it often causes a negative reaction.There are several methods on how to conduct training: group training, psihogimnastiki various role-playing games.In principle, the whole procedure is to ensure to minimize the lecture part and give preference to consolidate skills.

The medical representative should do?

main reason due to which the profession has become very popular - is the establishment of an official ban on advertising medicines that are dispensed from pharmacies on prescription only physician.

most interesting is that for the position of medical representatives before taking the doctors, teachers, builders, managers and even actors.Only the largest and successfully growing companies of Western countries to adhere to strict requirements.

But the development of business in our country is not in place, so now all the medical representatives must be either pharmaceutical or medical education.People with biological, economic or other entity simply are employed.

most important duty which involves the work of a medical representative, is to establish contacts with different physicians and their superiors, as well as with the heads of offices and pharmacies.

main purpose of their work - to persuade a doctor to ensure that he is subscribed to the drug, which is promoted by the representative of the moment.

Additionally, medical representatives should also inform doctors and pharmacy workers about the benefits of selling drugs, that is, compare it with medications competitors bring real reviews of experts.

medical representatives certainly need to replenish their knowledge and take part in different workshops, exhibitions and so on.Employees who sell these drugs without a prescription, should also be carried out in a variety of stocks and pharmacies engaged in merchandising.

What education is required and what career?

Most citizens do not know how this is a worthy profession, and whether it is specially trained in high school.

Typically, for most companies require specialized medical or pharmacological education.In health care workers do not have work experience, have the opportunity to receive a medical representative with a good salary.

Any medical representative resume should make for themselves such that the employer's interest.If you are interested in career growth, be sure to mention it.

What are the skills needed for the position?

consider the basic requirements:

- the ability to effectively promote the product;

- skill building partnerships with different people;

- successful negotiations;

- mastery of the technique of effective sales;

- stress management, as well as the ability to plan their day;

- good command of PC;

- knowledge of the medical sphere.

Basically preference to candidates who have received their education in the leading universities of the country.Almost every pharmaceutical company before starting work are trained and the necessary training to develop staff certain qualities.

What personal qualities of a medical representative?

very good indicator is the presence of the candidate of experience in sales, as well as his own personal customer base.

If you have experience of more than five years can be said about the candidate that he is reliable, responsible and interested in a common effort of the company, which employs.

Medical representatives must have the good looks, to be confident and have excellent communication skills.

Also, be sure to be optimistic on the job, as well as striving for success and knowledge of effective sales techniques.

visits of medical representatives in the organization are accompanied by a competent presentation of products.Skills have to be worked out at this level, so it can easily be interested in any client.

It must be intelligent and erudite man, who from the first notes already want to trust and communicate with them on various topics as well as the promotion of medicines requires a certain ethics, rather than spontaneous proposal.

Before you apply for a job, you should see the summary (sample) medical representative and make your own.It is not so difficult.

Disadvantages profession

great detail the shortcomings of the profession in the book "Manual of medical representative," which was written by Spider.Medical Representative in employment will face the following disadvantages:

- Difficulty move up the career ladder.Representatives active in the region, with great difficulty, make a career.This is due to the very structure of the pharmaceutical companies.In large cities, every organization has several groups of representatives in the manual which are two managers.Each group of about thirty has the usual representatives.If medical representative (this is Moscow or another city - does not matter) is going to make a career in this sphere, it will face a huge competition.

- not always stable income.

- is required to learn a new profession, even if there is a medical education.

- You have to be always aware of the latest news.

- very frequent business trips, work out of the office.

- need to communicate with different people constantly try to persuade someone.


- can be engaged to control the intensity of the work and to determine the direction in which to make it.

- can combine with the main work and earn additional income.

- New professional prospects.

- For people who love to chat, it is possible to communicate with a large circle of specialists.

- a good income.The average salary of any medical representative is about 30 thousand rubles.In addition, produced quarterly and monthly co-payment in the form of premiums and bonuses.