Brief biography of Lermontov - poet, playwright, painter

Mikhail Lermontov - Russian poet of the XIX century.His works are still concerned about the hearts and minds of readers, not only in our country.Besides the beautiful poems he left to his descendants his prose writings, paintings.If you want to learn more about the life of the famous classics, our article, which describes a brief biography of Lermontov will be interesting to you.

Childhood and adolescence

poet born in Moscow in 1814, in the night from 14 to 15 October.Educating young Lermontov worked his grandmother, and it happened due to the fact that his mother died after only three years after the birth of her son.After moving to live in the province of Penza, the boy begins to learn at home, learn new skills and to learn foreign languages.Grandmother paid great attention to this aspect of the life of his grandson and tried to give him all the things that parents could not give.In 1825 Lermontov first arrives in the Caucasus, which sinks into his soul.Many of his works written later, imbued with

love and craving for everything that is connected with it.1827 - the year in which the young poet enters the pension Humanities and begins to write his first poems.After secondary education, the youth enters the Guard, where he served until the beginning of the study at the university.

brief biography of Lermontov.Student years

In 1830, Mikhail enters the moral-political department of the university, and in his mind begin to ripen early free-thinking ideas, the spirit of rebellion pervades it.During his studies Lermontov reaches a peak in his lyrical work.And this is connected, of course, love.First the poet's heart was full of love for Catherine astrakhan, and later to the daughter of the famous playwright then FF Ivanova - Natalia Ivanova.The poetry of these years is characterized by romanticism, sensuality, displays all the charm of youthful life and love.

brief biography of Lermontov.Service

Lermontov in 1832 moved to St. Petersburg and refuses to continue training as a local high school does not wish to take into account all the sciences and subjects that he studied in Moscow.And then he decides to continue to serve and follow in the footsteps of his father, also a military man.In 1835 Lermontov (brief biography of which are described in this article) leave school guard sub-ensigns in the rank of cornet.He has written such works as "Masquerade", "Sasha" and many others.In 1837 the poet was leaving to serve in the Caucasus, and permeated with the spirit of the local people and wrote his famous work "Borodino".A year later, thanks to the good relations, it is converted back to St. Petersburg, where he continues to write his works.In the 40s Lermontov once again sent to the Caucasus, but he already has to take part in battles and show remarkable success in military affairs.

brief biography of Lermontov.Creativity

Lermontov recognized as a playwright and poet, but there were also those who did not consider him a man of genius and criticized his every work.The number of dissatisfied increased after the publication of the novel "A Hero of Our Time".Lermontov was considered a freethinker, a man without moral and morality.Nicholas I even refused to award the poet of military successes, because I thought it antimonarchist.

Lermontov, the poet, classic, truly "a hero of his time", was killed in a duel in 1841 at the hands of his enemy Nikolai Martynov.