Good and bad years in a person's life

About four thousand years ago, semi-legendary prophet Zarathustra was the calendar interoperability partners.It was based on the 32-year cycle of Saturn around the sun treatment.According to the calendar in a person's life alternated successful, unsuccessful, and relatively neutral years.

first life cycle lasts 32 years old, then there is a second cycle of up to 64 years and then possibly a third.And years from 1st to 16th are on the increase and the 17 th to 32 th - in descending order, being as it were a mirror image of the first sixteen years.For example, the 15th year corresponds to the 17 th, 14 th - 18 th, etc.Consequently, the 30-year - the same as the 2 nd, 31 th and corresponds to the first.

Only he will succeed in life, who are engaged in key issues in his happiest years.All they will be divided into 4: 4, 8 th, 16 th year, and their "mirror reflection" of 28 th and 24 th.After 16 - 8 = 8, and 16 + 8 = 24. Thus, 8 and 24 minutes - a twin-years as well as the 4th to 28th.For the second cycle tridtsatidvuhletnego add to each of the five successful years at 32. This "Tens" and is the high point in the life of any person.At longevity comes a third loop where everything repeats.The fact that the number 8 is magically connected with the planet Saturn, therefore, dividing and multiplying that number by 2, we get the happy years.

Unsuccessful same years are those that are divided into three, namely the 3rd, 6th and 9th and "reflection": 29, 26 and 23 (the "troika" is traditionally associated with Jupiter, and because thisPlanet Saturn is considered to be an opponent, in this system, this figure is regarded as "unlucky").In the second and third cycles these years again repeated.For convenience, I bring a universal annual scale.Save it, it is useful to you.(Bold in the scheme marked a particularly successful or unsuccessful years).

Happy years

16 24 28 36 40 48 56 60 68 72 80

Unhappy years

23 26 29 35 38 41 55 58 61 67 70 73

In extremely happy years (there are only three) wind as it blows us in the back with great force, and facilitates life running.The "just lucky" this wind weakened somewhat, but still quite noticeable.In the years of reigns neutral "astrological calm."Accordingly, in bad years, the wind blowing in our face and does not move to the goal, and in a particularly unhappy years just knocks down.Therefore, in the good years have to make their case to the "full speed" in bad - limited to daily chores, and in a very unhappy, I would advise to go for a year to the country, instead of fighting unsuccessfully with the circumstances.

Vadim Levin

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