Lymphatic drainage wraps at home.

Lymphatic drainage - a medical and cosmetic procedure, implying stimulation of the soft tissues of the body.As a result, there is an outflow of metabolic products and excess fluid.

What is the effectiveness of these techniques?If

conduct lymph drainage wrap at home, it is possible to achieve such results:

  1. correction of excess weight.
  2. Removing limbs swelling, bags under the eyes.
  3. prevention and treatment of varicose veins outside the acute stage.
  4. Cellulite removal.

procedures carried out on a regular basis, allow the work on the dense tissue of the epidermis, where there are congestion.Furthermore, mixtures of the active ingredients of medicinal activated subcutaneous fat.If you regularly use a lymphatic drainage wraps at home, you can force the body to withdraw all toxic substances that have a positive impact on the general condition and help rejuvenate without serious financial costs.

What will it take for the procedure

classic techniques involve the use of food film or special elastic bandages.All these materials are commercially available, and are low cost.The use of bandages can increase the effectiveness of impact several times.

followed by select suitable cosmetics.Lymphatic drainage wraps at home are carried out on the basis of special gels, mud, algae, fruit and berry puree.To cleanse the skin need to scrub.During the session, recommended to use warm pants or a blanket to create the greenhouse effect.

total sequence

Lymphatic drainage wraps at home are carried out as follows:

  1. cleansing.This preparatory action is aimed at removing keratinized epidermis, opening the pores.Experts recommend using scrub coffee and salt or olive-based salt.
  2. application means according to the chosen recipe.
  3. Flushing.

lymphatic drainage wrap at home: recipes

Therapeutic compositions may be based on different components.The composition of the most popular substances listed below.

Seaweed and honey

Experts recommend draw for the procedure kelp seaweed, which are available at any pharmacy network.Ingredient in an amount of 100 g of pre-soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes, is cooled and mixed with 100 g of liquid honey.

healing mixture is applied to the areas to be treated, which is superimposed on top of the film.During the session the better to observe peace and shelter warm blanket for 30-40 minutes.

Therapeutic mud

Dry mixes are mixed with warm water or a decoction of herbs to achieve a creamy consistency.The paste is applied on the skin: on the hips, buttocks, abdomen - and covered with foil.To enhance the stimulation can wrap the treated areas with elastic bandages and wear warm pants.During the session, you can do household chores.

Fruit wraps

active components are the fruits and berries, for example, an extract of grape and his seed.Selected ingredient is crushed to a pulp and used for its intended purpose.Those fruits that contain seeds, allow for extra exfoliation.

Chocolate wrap

is based on a mixture of cocoa powder, which has a powerful anti-cellulite effect.The ingredient is diluted with warm water to moderate density.After several sessions the skin velvety and acquire a beautiful shade.The procedure itself is very nice, as it allows to enjoy the aroma of chocolate.This unique lymphatic drainage wrap.


How to mix for this procedure?Additional manipulation is required.The gel contains all the necessary ingredients.The composition of the extract presented leeches and horse chestnut, which is perfect for holding a session.Beauticians recommend to alternate hot and cold exposure.The first time the gel is applied to the skin and under the film-coating in 15 minutes.The second time the same sequence, but should be organized additional heat (heating pads and blankets).

lymphatic drainage wrap "Horsepower" is based on standard principles: the gel is applied to the cellulite, otёkshie area, which is convenient to use a flat brush with hard bristles.The stimulating effect is achieved within 30 minutes.During this time, the gel for lymphatic drainage wraps time to absorb.

Additional recommendations

Beauticians are advised to hold regular procedure.To achieve the desired result, it is desirable to implement at least 10-15 sessions.The optimal intensity of exposure - two times a week.

Lymphatic drainage is particularly effective against the background of a stable physical activity.Moderate load greatly increases the outflow of excess fluid and harmful substances.You can walk, fitness.

woman who seeks to get rid of cellulite, it is best to review your diet.Proper nutrition is based on the optimal ratio of protein, carbohydrates, fat, saturated food with vitamins and minerals.We can not forget about the correct mode of drink - at least 2 liters per day.Before a session is not recommended to eat.

Opinion women

Should I generally use similar procedures?To answer for myself this question, it is recommended to read reviews from women.

Most of the ladies say that after the first treatment a decrease in excess weight, due to rapid fluid loss.In addition, the enrichment of the therapeutic compositions of citrus essential oils can effectively fight cellulite."Orange peel" begins to melt after five treatments.

Experts confirm the effectiveness of domestic exposure, but warn that the sessions can not be performed too often, otherwise you can damage the tissues of the epidermis.After stimulation can be taken douches, stabilizing blood circulation and strengthens the results.

lymphatic drainage wrap "Horsepower" earned mixed reviews.Someone thinks that it is the best structure to improve skin, someone limited to statements that the means ineffective and helps only if you want to get rid of heavy legs.


treatment sessions is strictly forbidden to carry out under the following conditions:

  • Any fungal nail and skin.
  • damage to the epidermis - rashes, wounds, fractures, abrasions.
  • dermatological diseases such as dermatitis, psoriasis.
  • Gynecological problems if exposure is carried out in the abdominal area.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Oncological defeat.
  • Hypertension, heart defects.
  • endocrine disorders, including hypothyroidism, diabetes.
  • diseases of lymphatic vessels.
  • thrombophlebitis.
  • acute stage of varicose veins.

Instead of conclusion

lymphatic drainage wrap, reviews mostly positive which allows to achieve the desired results.The treatment improves the general health indicators and provides a high cosmetic effect.