Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Here is a description of the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupery "The Little Prince", a summary.Probably every author as Welcome and have long since deceased, is a product, which becomes its brand.It is a product comes to mind when you say the name of the writer or poet, that it symbolizes his ability to create.When pronounce the name, Antoine de Saint Exupery, "The Little Prince" is most remembered as a work symbolizing the creation of the author.It is this allegorical tale, and glorified Exupery worldwide.Published for the first time in 1943, "The Little Prince" is still reprinted in many countries for more than 180 languages ​​and dialects.So, before you part creativity Exupery "The Little Prince", a summary of the story.Talking about the complete replacement of the original's not necessary - this abridged version is suitable only for reference.Again, "The Little Prince" - is not just a fairy tale, but also unique illustrations by the author himself.


author begins work story about a boy

with an original view of the world.At six years old boy read about a snake swallowing prey.He painted a boa constrictor, swallowed an elephant.Because adults do not understand the drawing, taking his hat snake, said child picture portrayal of the elephant in the womb of a reptile.Outcome: adults boy was advised not to engage in nonsense, and make greater efforts in geography, spelling and history.The boy threw a drawing and eventually became a pilot.But he never forgets drawing and sometimes shows his people seemingly more intelligent than the others.However, everyone can see one hat.As a result, he lives alone.Helped case.Flying over the Sahara, the pilot was forced to land.Water was scarce, only a week, and it was necessary to correct damage or death.The next morning, the pilot woke up the golden-haired kid with a request to draw a sheep.The pilot did not deny, as the baby could see in his own figure and snake, and the elephant.It turned out that the baby came to Earth from another planet.It was called "the asteroid B-612."There's the kid, the little prince, was the host, though the entire planet the size of a normal house.But there are three of the volcano and the baobab sprouts that little prince regularly weed.Life was boring, while on this planet there rose wonderful, very beautiful, with sharp spikes, but arrogant.Then the little prince went traveling.He visited the nearby asteroids, planets.One was a king, is in need of subjects.He even offered the post of Minister of the baby.On the other - ambitious.In the third - the usual drunk.On the fourth - very business man.On another planet - the lamplighter.Only he and like the little prince.Then there was the geography of the planet.With him the little prince spoke, telling about the rose.He felt sad ... The seventh planet - Earth.And the baby was surprised to learn that there 111 kings, 7000 geographers, 7.5 million. Drunks.The little prince was able to make friends with a fox, a snake and himself a pilot.Snake promised to bring him back home.Fox taught to be friends, saying that only a watchful heart, the most important thing because the eyes never see.Fox taught, and one more thing: we are responsible for those who tamed.And he decides to come back.Snake helps the boy - it just kills the bite in half a minute.Little prince convinces the pilot, that this is just like death, but not death, and asks him to remember, seeing though sometimes the sky.The pilot repaired the plane and returned home.For six years he grieves, remembering the little prince.Gradually, the sadness passes, and the habit of looking at the night sky gives a lot of pleasant emotions.He often thinks about the Little Prince and proud, brittle and spiky rose.You read a story Exupery's "The Little Prince", a summary of it, rather.You may decide to open the original, and it will be wonderful.Maybe you decide that a story should read your child - and rightly so.This work teaches correct, eternal truths.And so it will be read again and again.

Exupery."The Little Prince»

Summary - is an opportunity to look at childhood in the world of fairy tales, imagination and wonder.But in the full tale this opportunity is more manifest.There simply squeeze.If you want a taste of undiluted childhood, do not be content just presented in a synopsis of the article tales Exupery "The Little Prince."SUMMARY replace the original text with illustrations by the author.And let this work will be with you in the heart, the home shelf on the table in the nursery.