Gifts for 30 years to her friend choose the best gift

30 years - a serious anniversary.However, this is not the age that a girl need to hide, so the holiday is usually celebrated magnificently.If you are invited to a celebration, it is necessary to properly prepare and decide what to give a friend for 30 years, a present to remember, and not replenished the collection of unnecessary gizmos.At the same time, much depends on the nature and way of life of a girl, you are going to please, and your financial capabilities.

Gift businesswoman

search for an answer to the question of what to give a friend of 30 years is much easier when it comes to the single-minded girl who is entirely given favorite business.In fact, many young women in this age actively make a career, and will be happy to useful presents such as presentable organizer or card holders, preferably with a monogram hostess.These gizmos, presented to the wishes to achieve great success in business, will be accepted with gratitude, and certainly will not be left lying in the far corner of the cabinet.If a girl has to do with finance, and you think, what to give a friend a birthday (30 years), cosmetics or jewelry - too banal, it is possible to order the painting of large bills, 10 times larger than the original, placed in a beautiful frame.You can also teach almost real Forbes magazine with a picture of the future multimilliardershi on the cover and an article which painted all her achievements and successes - real and those which she would reach in the coming years.

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gifts for 30 years to her friend fun we launched

If a girl, gathering to celebrate the anniversary, has a good sense of humor, and you do not want to give her a "normal" gift, then turn on the imagination.For example, it can be purchased at the gift shop statue copy of the famous "Oscar" and stick to it with an engraving plate "for Best Actress."This gift, presenting a corresponding short speech about the virtues of Hero of the Day, it is sure to be pleasant and appreciate much more than an anti-aging cream.You can also order a T-shirt with the inscription "Here is the best friend in the world."Another cool gift - a pan for baking pancakes in the form of emoticons.Each time it is used, and the girl and her family will remember you with a smile.You can also order the original case for the iPhone, which shows your photos or joint marked "The most charming and attractive."

gifts girlfriend (30 years) with a limited budget

Even if you are in a financial crisis, you can figure out how to please the girl who was always beside you and with whom you have shared their experiences and joys.For example, you can gather together photos and order from them in the form of a large collage of a photograph inserted in a beautiful frame.This gift will be remembered for a long time and is valuable as a collection of pleasant memories.

Balloons can also be a good show.For example, you can fill the small balls (15-20 cm in diameter) with helium and tie colored ribbons on which markers are written compliments, and hide them in a very large cardboard box.When her vskroyut, balloons rise to the ceiling and are there to hang out during the celebration, creating a particularly festive mood.

Gifts with your hands

interesting gift, which will please a Woman, can be done even without having any talent in the field of hand-made.It's enough to print out labels motivating and paste them in a notebook page filling out the appropriate illustrations cut from magazines.As for the cover, it can be decorated with the original inscription or try to make an interesting application.

If you have not decided what to give a friend for 30 years, with his own hands can be made for her a beautiful bouquet of sweets, of course, if you are sure that she is not sitting on a diet.This souvenir is not as difficult to make as it might seem at first glance.It needs a special corrugated sheets and paper buketnye, 8-9 pieces of candy, ribbons, wooden skewers and tape.

Expensive gifts

If funds permit, and it is about the present and most beloved friend, who for you into the fire and into the water, then give her, for example, a set of expensive cosmetics, pre casually asked about what brand itlike.The same advice can be given with respect to the spirits, although this issue may be lost.

In general, when it comes to a wealthy girl, the choice of a present turns into a big problem.After all, as a rule, such individuals make their own gifts are not cheap, so was a penny to present little thing - is unacceptable.On the other hand, there is a risk not choose what she will have to taste.So, wondering what to give a friend for 30 years who has everything, you can consider the option of gift cards, for example, some well-known jewelry boutique or salon leather products.A good choice would be certified and luxury spa to the passage of an exclusive program.

Gift expectant mother

thirty years - the age that many women are met, being in "an interesting situation."If you need to choose what to give a friend of 30 years, who is expecting a baby, then it certainly will appreciate a special pillow for pregnant women.It will help her to sleep, and in the future will be a good "helper" in the feeding and care of the baby.If before the birth of the baby is still far away, gave mom gift card store for pregnant women, as it surely will be, that there is to buy.You can also choose a special cosmetic kit for expectant mothers or multivarku, which will facilitate women home care.

Gift mother who has children

If baby friends are under, say, two years, the most desired gift for her will be able to break at least a couple of hours, and if this time it will be able to dedicate yourself the joy of itthere is no limit.Therefore, the best gift for her would be a visit to the beauty salon, especially if you are willing to walk or sit with the child until it will be put in order.The latter circumstance is often a prerequisite, because otherwise maybe Mom and not be able to use the certificate.

good memorable gift would be a professional photo shoot, ordered for a friend.Participate in it can, of course, and the baby, and the young dad.This event will be remembered for a lifetime and you will certainly be warmly grateful for a pleasant surprise.

What you should not give

There are omens and ancient customs, prohibiting give some items.For example, it is believed that such a gift, like a mirror, handkerchiefs, watches, knives, forks and pearls can bring misfortune.Also, choosing a gift for a friend for 30 years, should not be considered as an option for the icons, as they may present only close relatives.It should give up the things that can hint or remind of disease or infirmity.For example, do not give drugs for weight loss or a subscription to a fitness club.Even if you are confident that she will be glad such a gift, gave it at least when you are alone together.

Now you know what to give a friend for 30 years, and will be able to please her memorable show.