The colony of strict regime: is there life behind barbed wire

daily life of a free man is filled with bright colors and awesome events, new discoveries, small joys, plans for the future.We are able to make each day a rich and unique, but for the constant chores and worries, we simply forget about it.But somewhere there are people who can give everything, to spend at least one day in the status of a free man.Their destiny forever dashed three bloodcurdling words: colony.Is there life behind barbed wire?We will try to answer this difficult question.

penal colony is a territory separated by three differing conditions of detention.As a rule, newly arrived prisoners are held in normal conditions, suggesting that the necessary housing and household goods.They were also given the opportunity to communicate with family and loved ones through:

  • correspondence;
  • receiving and sending parcels, remittances and peredachek;
  • telephone conversations;
  • dates.

After 9 months of convicts may be transferred from normal conditions in relief.But this happens only in the absence of penalties for violation of the order and conscientious attitude to work.Convicts also recognized serious violators of the established order, may be transferred to strict conditions.Among the main objectives of such a transfer can be distinguished:

  • security of other prisoners;
  • giving greater efficiency of educational process;
  • suppress negative influence on other prisoners.

penal colony is equipped with a special dormitory for prisoners.In addition to the bedrooms, the building includes also a room for educational work, changing rooms, utility rooms, kitchens, showers and toilets, a dryer for clothes.Women's colony of strict regime also equipped with personal hygiene facilities.

the condemnation contained in the stringent conditions imposed certain legal restrictions.The colony of strict regime includes a separate room designed just for such prisoners.Their behavior is set higher supervision and control.Contents under stringent conditions significantly limits the possibility of movement within the prison, and entails the prohibition of communication with other prisoners.Allowed to receive only 2 transfers or 2 packages a year, as well as 1 and 2, short term visits.In addition, persons serving sentences under stringent conditions, relies daily walk one and half hours.

As you were able to make a colony of strict regime offers its prisoners fairly stringent conditions.They are so far from our usual standards and concepts.But as you know, a man can adapt to almost everything - you need only a little time and patience.The main thing is that there are these people - is illusory hope of parole, and a speedy return to their hearth and home.