13 tips to improve the interior

We do not live in a staged and real interiors, which are often far removed from the organization and order first.However, if you want to, then they can be as close as possible.You will likely be surprised how to change the feel of the interior, as far as it will become more comfortable and welcoming.

1. Start with the entrance

Interior begins with the entrance, whether it is a large patio and a spacious hall, and only a small entrance hall.Try to create a cozy place here, which will meet you and your guests.

2. Defeat mess

Be ruthless, disposing of their belongings.If you do not use it for three months - put it in a box and store away;If you have not used something year - get rid.Establish a rule that for every new thing you need to get rid of the old one.The feeling of loss of things which are associated some memories, quickly replace the feeling of satisfaction from the increased order.

3. Less is more.

sober look at their furniture.Maybe there is something without which you will live well?If there is, it is best to remove it from the interior.You do not need to act radically, but worth a try.

4. Create a free arrangement.

Organize your space, placing the furniture in the room is free, away from the walls, may in unexpected places.This will not only make the space more comfortable, but will make the room more open and make it visually.Even in a small interior where every centimeter of its weight in gold, you can try to place a pair of free interior.If you place so little that freely arrange the furniture just nowhere to stop on the furniture with visible feet, she looks more freely.

5. Mix together

Allow yourself to move furniture, paintings and objects freely between the rooms.Fearlessly mix different styles to get a new and unusual combinations.But in the heat not to lose the overall balance and harmony.

6. Engage unused room

If you have a room that is used only for the collection of old junk, try to convert it into something more valuable and functional.For example, the old storage room can be transformed into a stylish home office.

7. Take care of windows

Do not forget to wear a beautiful and practical window to the room with lots of light and complement the interior.

8. More light

One of the things that makes the staged interiors such a warm and welcoming - it's a great lighting.Very often, our homes are covered completely wrong.Little lamps, the light is too gloomy or too sharp.Try increasing the number of lights, play with different shades, add a variable intensity control and put a bright light bulb.

9. Use color creatively

Paint is the cheapest and easiest way to make the house a new species.You can create color accents on the pillows, curtains and other items.

10. Use black

little black easily can liven up a boring situation and give a special charm to the interior.

11. Pereveste picture

Creative featured paintings or art objects look better and show the surroundings in a more favorable light.

12. An odd number of items

When it comes to more detailed arrangement of the interior, odd numbers are preferred.For example, three items placed in the corners of an imaginary triangle look interesting than the two or four in number.Also important is the scale, so the smaller group of subjects should be in the front, larger at the rear.

13. A bit of nature inside

Staged interiors are almost always decorated with fresh flowers.You can use fresh cut flowers, but they have to change that much.Or put a few flowers in pots, or use something like dead branches, leaves and stones.

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