Where to put money in the bank at interest?

Question profitable investment is always relevant.The accumulation of personal savings helps to feel confidence in the future.It remains only to choose how profitable and safer to put money in the bank at interest, without worrying about their safety.

Choosing a reliable partner

Any investor interested in making money stored in his deposit, bring a small, but steady income.This question, of course, controversial, because it all depends on the deposit amount.It is equally important to protect their money from inflation.It is for these reasons is to put money in the bank at interest.Different financial institutions offer the rich range of products on deposits.Your search should begin only with the well-known and have a good reputation the banks.It would be foolish to trust a large amount of money the newly formed institution still does not manifest itself in the financial area, is not due to win the trust of its customers.

Check integrity and stable operation of the bank may be at reviews of its depositors.For example, for a very long time, it has leading positions of trust and willingness to put money at interest Sberbank, talking about it a lot of positive feedback from customers.

Selecting priority

Stability - is good, but the benefit - is quite another.It is not always the case that these two concepts are combined priority in one particular contribution to the bank.

If the goal - to get a good income, you can put your money at interest to the bank, caught in the top twenty rankings stability.It is quite reasonable risk, since Sberbank world is large enough, there are plenty of other financial institutions that can be trusted their accumulated funds.

contributions by the example of some banks

The following data can be constantly changing, but only for a fraction of hundredths of a percent.Get a general idea of ​​how best to put the money in the bank at interest, is quite real.For example, if the contribution of a hundred thousand can be 4.75% per annum of the Savings Bank.If it is possible to postpone the three million and do not touch the money, the bank is willing to charge as much as 6.75% per annum, and this is a good amount.Up to ten percent per annum are ready to charge "Raiffeisen Bank" and "Alfa-Bank" successfully carry out their banking business for many years and have an impeccable reputation.

decision will be individual for each depositor.If you have an opportunity to put money in the bank at interest, it is necessary to make a choice either towards low-income or secure preservation funds.There are many types of deposits - with replenishment and without the long and short term.Everything will depend on the purpose and the deposit amount.It is also important to monitor the different offers and interest in the products of banks for deposits.For example, some institutions try to raise interest rates before the holidays or to attract their customers other great offers.