Sexual energy and its activation

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Sexual energy does not depend on external data and make-up professionally performed.This does not mean that we should abandon such pleasant things, but add sexuality they can not.It sparkles in the shining eyes and a flying gait, these people are extremely attractive, they want to be there as long as possible.Today sexuality can open up and grow, there is a will to do it.

Why is it necessary?

It is believed that the sexual energy we need to attract individuals of the opposite sex, but this is not true.Sexuality - a constituent element of joyful perception of life.The higher the flow of sexual energy, covering individual, the happier and richer he lives.

man with high sexuality attracts more luck in dealing with ordinary people, and with the opposite sex.Healing ability to reveal more than the individual with high sexuality.


People passed through a flow of energy, by which we live.It flows on the energy centers, the chakras.When the flow of energy does not interfere, we are lucky in everything.If the chakra is blocked, in life there are all sorts of diseases and complexity.The flow of sexual energy is often limited by fear and control.

free passage through the body energy blocks all fears.The sexual sphere suffer from it the most.With beliefs need to work to understand and identify their fears, and then apply a psychological method known as reflection.To do this, take a paper and write down their fears in sex, love, wealth, health and creativity.Work through each block and neutralize it with positive emotions.After all, we - what we think about yourself.

Activation of sexual energy

  • Look!The accumulation of energy occurs when the eye contact.This is an excellent exercise, despite the fact that it is very simple, gives a fantastic feeling and results.Practice this technique daily and feel like your life is part of the magic.This exercise activates on contact eyes two energies: the heart and sex.Combined, they evoke the feeling of flying, joy and love!
  • Dance!During the dance awakens sexual energy.Belly dancing is particularly effective.Fulfilling your hips all the elements, we will intensify the flow of energy through the bottom, the sexual chakra.
  • Touch!Touch - a powerful tool for the activation of sexuality.At the time of the conversation discreetly touch the hand of his interlocutor, looking into his eyes.

Attraction harmonious partner

in romantic relationships important principle supplement.We attract to his personality traits that complement ours.To attract harmonious men need to develop a harmony.

As a result, study their fears activated sexual energy.Thus, we are paving the way for personal harmony and engage in life pleasant, harmonious and sexy people.The game is worth the candle, is not it?